Galaxy Note 3: faster! A bigger! More strong?

the Galaxy Note 3 come.

in terms of hardware configuration, the characteristics of the device can be summed up in one word: everything bigger (fast) a little. From the previous generation of 5.5 inch screen increases to 5.7 inch screen, 1920 x 1080 pixels to let it have a higher resolution. In addition, exaggerated 3 gb of RAM, 2.3 GHz quad-core processors (also don’t know what is the specific processor), 13 million – pixel camera, weight of 168 g, 8.3 mm thickness, above all make Galaxy Note 3 a better equipment (xiao yun, however, think that the device on the hardware and without too many bright spots).

in contrast, the Galaxy Note 3 on the software side, still with a series of application with the S Pen to cooperate to use, has attracted the attention of the public.

new designs: Air Command

Air Command is floating Galaxy Note 3 control interface on the screen, it started quite human. Only through the way of take out the S pen can trigger this interface. Of course, the user can also use S pen on the screen, and click on the built-in button, start the Air Command. Through this interface, user can call any functions associated with the S pen.

more powerful applications: Action Memos, S Finder, S Note, Pen the Window, My Magazine


Action, Memos can use S pen to write down the information, will become a dynamic instruction . User scrawled write down a telephone number, for example, by the Action Memos, users can directly dial the phone number of contacts (of course, if the number has been stored in the phone book). Again, for example, the user to write down an address, it can automatically help the user to query in Google Maps, paste, copy without.

s. Finder based on good handwriting recognition, provide written content search function for the user.

Pne, a Window is much work in Air Command task in options. by starting this feature, users can be anywhere in the existing application interface, divided into a box, in order to start other applications, however, the Window can start the application is limited by Pen. Application options include Youtube and calculator). In addition, the Galaxy Note 3 of multitasking also got the increase of the integrity of the user not only can start the different application, at the same time also can use the same application of different function at the same time.

s. Note (notes) can be synchronized with the company, the content is kept up to 12 months.

, My Magazine was launched in the Galaxy Note 3 a news aggregator application class. It features some is similar to the BlinkFeed HTC phones. The user through the way of sliding upward from the bottom of the screen, you can start the application. Although xiao yun thought the “organ set up” a bit far-fetched, but for samsung fans, this is ok.

although in appearance, the Galaxy Note 3 and the previous generation product difference is not big, but samsung still made some changes in the details. Such as the S Pen than before more accord with slot, the user does not have to “according to the most appropriate location” struggled to put it. In addition, with Note 2 S Pen is almost can be use in Note 3. Just, perhaps slightly less on the pressure sensor. In addition to the above changes, there are also some decorations in the Galaxy Note 3 changes.

although Note 3 is plastic material, can be in appearance give a person with strong metal texture. Whole, Note 3 foreign design, excellent, good fit the human body engineering.

samsung equipment software in mature gradually, indeed to a certain extent, improve the user experience.

the Galaxy Note 3 will be released at the end of this year in the world. However, different countries and regions of the consumer, buy moral Galaxy Note 3 processor, may be different. Professional analysis, Note 3 in addition to using qualcomm 4 core chip, may also use the Orion chip in part of the market.