Fully opened tencent cloud! Fully with ali baidu

(editor: qing nan)

filed tencent, everybody thinks may be able to flash this several tags: waiting for him, with static braking. From games to electricity, from weibo to video and so on, the entering and expansion of the business, they are behind the other big domestic players, tencent always going through observation, preparation, and aggressively into several stages.

this is the wheel to the cloud business. Today, tencent YunZaiJing held a conference officially open in an all-round way. Ali cloud was founded four years, baidu cloud launch for a year and a half time. In tencent’s point of view, now is the big push into this opportunity.

at this point, the big three are racing to open cloud services around their own core business expansion of ecological construction at the same time, also unavoidably breath spread for war.

from the introduction, tencent cloud positioned to service the Internet application developers public cloud platform, covered with cloud computing, data cloud, personal three levels of cloud, including cloud server, cloud database, no high-speed storage, compass, CDN, cloud monitoring and YunAn congruent products. From the point of business system, tencent cloud strategy is part of the tencent open platform.

however, tencent internally developed two years for cloud strategy has a low profile, and the first to do the full test on their business. As is known to all, as a big MAC in the field of domestic social, active users, tencent has the hundreds of millions of QQ online at the same time long past, WeChat, WeChat has nearly 200 million active users. In addition, so far, tencent nourish the tencent open platform all application of cloud, and in the rapidly expanding scale.

tencent, senior executive vice President, social network business group President dowson is to “tencent was born is a cloud computing company” to describe a company in the aspects of technology and experience accumulation.

business under the tide of time to choose

as early as a few years ago, the United States undertaking tide arisen, cloud computing granddaddy amazon is under this kind of situation and its own business development opportunity to build a cloud service (AWS), nowadays, more and more companies begin to access and use the service to bring great convenience. Cloud computing era of industry and even the entire social economy has had a profound change.

, by contrast, domestic undertaking tide slightly lagging behind the United States, but growth. However before entrepreneurs more of a problem is the network service, building site, every is going to buy or rent the server, host machine room, all-weather cope with failure and so on, takes the entrepreneurs to a lot of human resources and capital. It is this kind of circumstance, ali and baidu is the chance to advance to enter.

in advance gradually inspection and market recognition, tencent official “through” internal cultivation of cloud, ready to aggressively market harvest.

dowson said, cloud is the infrastructure of the Internet. In cloud services, operation and maintenance of the server often constitutes a business an important bottleneck, even influence to the success or failure of business; With cloud services, greatly improve entrepreneurship environment, greatly reduce the cost of the entrepreneur.

cloud server as low as 1.3 yuan/day

runner also pointed out that the stable and reliable, safe, value-added services, are the strengths of tencent cloud. “We do not pursue the first cloud products, but the pursuit of the ultimate stable and reliable and word of mouth. This is tencent’s style, tencent is stable and reliable performance of cloud services do 99.999%.”

according to the official introduction, tencent cloud on the outside network load balancing at present already had hundreds of Gbps bandwidth, cloud server has more than 100000 units, the CDN elastic over 200 accelerated, mobile tencent analysis has covered 200 million terminals.

in tencent cloud website (yun.qq.com), you can see, the cloud server products, 1 nuclear CPU configuration, for example (Hz processing capacity can reach Xeon2.5 G), costs just 1.30 yuan/day, still can get free 8 gb system disk.

however, compared with ali baidu has been cultivated for a period of time, tencent cloud has not obvious advantages in infrastructure, for example in the cloud server 400000 there is a big gap with ali (internal) data from ali. In addition, on the project of docking, tencent cloud is more in the field of social and games, ali is more inclined to Amazon’s idea to sublet infrastructure, baidu more inclined to Google’s way of thinking, in infrastructure package service + SaaS (PaaS). In spite of this, the competition between the big three will be gradually heated.

conference, cloud, tencent open platform, a deputy general manager Chen lei, general manager of tencent, tencent cloud to become one of the most trusted cloud in the Internet industry as the vision, will stick to the four commitments. First of all, tencent cloud each product after repeated verification in the core business of tencent and use for a long time; Second, tencent cloud customers can free testing each product; Third, tencent cloud promises to users the best service, 5 minutes to get any demand response; Fourth, tencent cloud will focus on in their most understand, is also the most capable of doing the Internet industry.

in fact, tencent cloud as the backing, tencent open platform products by opening a large number of resources to help developers, provide some incentive policy in charge policy, encourage developers and more quality applications use tencent cloud service.