Fujitsu two type waterproof tablet and IGZO ultrathin laptop screen

(in Japan editor: dragon interface)

autumn/winter 2013 show Fujitsu exhibition of products in the exhibition, the new model sample “ARROWS Tab QH77”, “ARROWS” Tab QH55 very grab an eye, we will combine the picture below to introduce these a few products to you.

autumn exhibition model pictures big hoso

Fujitsu held on October 8, 2013 PCS samples show qiu dong, all kinds of products and related parameters have been made public.

carry fan extensible waterproof all-in-one “ARROW Tab QH77”

tabled in the meeting, showed a 12.5 -inch extensible PC “ARROW Tab QH77” submerged in water. One side on the product comes with the keyboard. The product for Windows 8.1 tablet system, according to the 12.5 -inch super this reference design scalable PC, ontology built-in cooling fan and the vent, waterproof (IPX/7/8) the characteristics of dust (IP5X).

from the cooling mouth when immersed in water, the body is about 1.5 mm “break hot layer” can separate water and dust. Built-in fan also designs the structure of the circuit part cannot be immersed, even going to the water, but can be by suction drainage process for CPU cooling.

1024 level sensor corresponding drip-proof pen, can receive in all-in-one right corner.

attached removable keyboard chassis to pull behind, in flat vertical available tablet when using its own weight to prevent falling.

after install the keyboard, and can be used as a laptop. If you need to separate the keyboard, the integration of a just press the button. In addition, the laptop back with fingerprint identification device.

with Intel “Bay Trail – T” processors, Windows8.1 operating system tablet “Arrows Tab QH55”

use to occupy the Windows8.1 tablet “Arrows Tab QH55” is the exhibition of great products. Display type of 10.1 to 2560 x 1600 pixels high resolution LCD, with 1024 order pen pressure sensing function.

use Intel CPU for the latest tablet SoC “Bay Trail – T” generation of Atom Z3770 (four nuclear four threads, 1.46 GHz/maximum 2.4 GHz) processor, waterproof (IPX5/7/8) and dust proof (IP5X) features. Display alcohol resistant, so you can use alcohol to clean aseptic, moreover also has the synthetic art propyl alcohol, sodium hypochlorite etc of the characteristics of chemical corrosion.

2560 x 1600 pixels widescreen LCD screen with Window8.1 tablet system “Arrows Tab QH55”. With a dedicated stylus. The lower position can be closed in the products. With a camera on the back and fingerprint identification devices.

ontology with a headphone jack on the left and the power button and volume button and the speaker. On the right side is covered with SIM card, Micro SE card, start, USB2.0 interface also have external charging for mobile phone holder (right) peripherals (optional).

Also included in the

optional peripherals thin keyboard (14800 yen) are available for sale to the user. With ARROWS and pull Tab QH77 same chassis features, vertical is very stable. For business users also prepared a special selection of bluetooth keyboard peripherals, see chart right.

carrying high-resolution IGZO LCD, can work continuously, the movement of the 21 hours this “FMV LIFEBOOK SH”

carrying type 13.3 widescreen LCD screen mobile this “FMV LIFEBOOK SH” in 2013, a massive evolution. Adopted the design of the thinner, 2560 x 1440 resolution IGZO LCD panel. Built-in capacity of about 77 watt-hours of large capacity battery, standard time about 21.1 hours.

called “FMV LIFEBOOK UH” move this type of 14 super this series, the product positioning is the “ultimate commercial mobile this”. With a VGA interface, can exchange data, external extension power the amazing performance of lasts 28.1 hours. Stadium announcer said the product as “autumn/winter 2013 show in the research and development power input is the largest, and will Let snote series as a product of competitors.”

this type change shape evolution’s biggest 13.3 mobile notebook “FMV LIFEBOOK SH”. Product color design as shown.

with general ultra-light super different, the notebook with the optical drive. And convenient for the exchange of data with mobile multi-function slot and can be replaced for Wildsaber drives. Matched the positioning of commercial computers.

this product while thin, but the top position for placing the large capacity battery is slightly thick, one of the most thick position about 19.8 mm thick, while the bottom side position with SD memory card interface and light and stereo speakers.

the left flank, for cable front-end ports, VGA output HDMI output, see the interface. Right side for optical drive (or mobile multi-function mouth, two start mouth, headphones and Security Lock Port.