FuelBand development consultant Jay tourmaline into the apple

fitness experts, wristbands FuelBand development consultant Jay tourmaline in on Twitter recently confirmed his joining apple.

Jay tourmaline is the global fitness industry celebrities, many speeches made every year. In recent years, he served as the, including Nike, Gatorade, GE and other series of some big professional advisers of the company.

, the sources said Jay tourmaline would step down as all of the above duties, apple’s work is all-consuming.

although it is unclear whether Jay tourmaline in apple’s position. Professional personage analysis, in view of the person’s background, he will most likely join earlier rumors, apple wearable equipment development work.

D11 conference this year, the cook said he would use Nike FuelBand wristband, “I think that’s a good product” Nike. Most wearable devices on the market can only do one thing, Nike’s products have a variety of functions, but are not very strong. “There are many in this area can be improved” cook said, “wearable smart devices increasingly mature, worth exploring.”

so far, apple has not comment on the news.

recently, tales of apple wearable devices. Although apple officials have not commented that, but the indications are that apple has begun the development of related fields. Hunting cloud network reported that the Mac Book Air Mansfield, will no longer as the father of apple administration, focusing instead on “special project” (special projects), and report directly to the cook. Source analysis, Mansfield probably responsible for apple wearable equipment research and development work. In addition, the apple before the famous fashion brand of Yves Saint Laurent CEO away, he is also responsible in apple “special project”. Earlier, also applied to flexible screens, flexible batteries included multiple flexible material of patent, the industry analysis, the patent is likely will be used in such as iWatch apple wearable devices.