Fu Cheng about entrepreneurial story: noble is lei jun and zhang ying

golden hill network Fu Cheng

the author: zhang huan

golden hill network CEO Fu Cheng famous online education platform more recently in the network to share the story of his business. Talk to people: “in my whole business process, lei jun with Zhang Yingbang me a lot. My first feeling in the entrepreneurial process is you want to meet nice people that will, if no one help you, man can conquer nature is only a slogan, met the two noble, I began my own venture grope for the road.” Talk about entrepreneurship: “anyway, I have a dozen million dollars, looking for a team, pack a house in the suburbs, and then the upper living people, the lower work, everyone points each month cost of living, a aunt cooking, if you can hold for a year, maybe everything will be changed.” Family: “cattle development, the most difficult I send his wife and children to go home, now I go to pick up the kids in her hometown, don’t let the children have, from a business houses, and jinshan merged until now, it was very uncomfortable, but in his heart that he would like to venture goal is to make a good product, can not change the world but at least satisfy your sense of achievement.”

the following is a text transcript:

today to listen to my friends share probably know my previous experience. Before have all sorts of claims on the Internet, a simple said that experience, after entering qihoo, I lead a small team of four in a very not unlikely place do security products, the first call rascal bane, I later changed his name it 360 security guards. Finally in our efforts, 360 security guards the product got an unexpected development, growing very fast. And qihoo itself in search of the company, in the $twenty million that year two rounds of financing, financing plan in writing are search, no security.

in the first half of 08, 360 users has reached more than one hundred million security guards, but very low qihoo search market share , stopped WangMeng large flow Almost every day fewer than one million PV. Softbank’s hundreds of millions of dollars investors remarks also gave weeks the boss, let weeks the boss think it’s a comprehensive 360 security guards is the only way out. Was also pretty happy, to feel your own products finally taken seriously, at least can add salary. A series of things happened afterwards, let me feel in this environment is not in the mood in the work well, so also did not expect to leave at that time, there was a feeling it was a dark eyes!

I am leaving on August 16th, why remember so clear, because that day was the day of Japan’s surrender. Departure in the afternoon that day I got a call from the matrix partners founder zhang ying, that time warp/weft just started the business in China, zhang ying asked me to go to the count, but I feel is more suitable for business, then zhang ying said that you can learn a investment, after get the direction to start a business. Someone said life meet people, zhang ying is my noble, luckily met him at that time, and so entered the vc circle began to have communication with people in the circle.

when a friend ask I don’t want to see lei jun angel investment, said I think too much, it’s iconic characters. At the end of 08, we met. When he asked me some questions, one is the 360 development so fast is my credit or credit for big zhou? This question actually very testing, said zhou’s big merit, although he didn’t tube I, but the company structure is very important, for I save a lot of trouble, let me in a healthy environment can put energy into product, don’t need to worry about things beyond products. Ray was always satisfied with the answer was, by the answer to this question, he told I also have a general understanding, also know that I am in how to think.

in my whole business process, the thunder always help me a lot of . My first feeling in the entrepreneurial process is the people you want to meet you, if no one help you, man can conquer nature is only a slogan, met the two noble, I began my own search path.

entrepreneurs choose which direction, it was very tangled. I encountered a few problems in business. First, just at that time is the us financial crisis, also don’t know can raise money; Second, although at that time, my position is general manager of 360 security guards, manages a separate division, but before that you know I just a product manager, the I do products in everyday understanding of the industry are not too many , so leave qihoo, really don’t know what to do direction.

when the thunder always ask me how to get to the business, to be honest I don’t know, they answered I do up, saying, what do you do, he said, I said, I have a dozen million dollars, looking for a team, in the rural area package a house for people at the top, the lower work, per month on points, find a aunt cooking, if you can hold for a year, maybe everything will be changed. This passage actually more impressed ray, always speak later once our interior, said he also mentioned that I determined to entrepreneurship. I never hit, also don’t have much money, since to do, can only go all out. Later, I really do that, I too too didn’t work at that time, the child is only three months had not yet come one full year of life, I will give them back to their hometown, then recruit people start a business.

direction on how to chose and thought for a long time, the most familiar is a security tool, but at the time agreed qihoo eighteen months do not security. In 360 was working as a software management, found a software, called the I see down load is very high, I think there is a certain space of image processing, or, so made a cow image. At that time, our goal is to defeat the light and shadow magic hand, did not last long because when doing the 360 to one million downloads, and then I thought, we do an image processing software, how wear also get 500000.

at the time also ignore the success of 360 actually has a lot of trails and, despite their efforts, but the more important. Ray always taught me, for those routes, picture software itself is not safe big classes, so it is the growth of the whole would not be as fast as security software, but at that time, our heart is urgent, we spent a year’s time to get to the cow image download do the thousand or so every day, no promotion, mainly through some function, can also do, but the heart is very entanglements, totally sorry for starting my own business.

and then in the case of a small team, and opened up a second front, except can cow images made to look at the picture, again proved wrong now, whenever you venture to do addition, subtraction, rather than at the time we call “stowe r a.experimental study into mixing of carrying 360”, there are snack lifted; In addition our competitors made a beautiful picture show, it is Mr. CAI investment, there are a lot of promotion resources; After their product manager is 80, to be honest they won’t technology is better than us, but the idea is creative, handling of the big picture is slow that he simply doesn’t handle big pictures, he put the big picture automatically switch to below 1280, specifically meet QQ show QQ space users demand, and then come up with some large eyes, white skin, plus the eyelash of this functionality, I m a prick silk, do not show photos again, to make such a function, it is too difficult.

so I was lost in deep thinking, can I put the size of a security software do downloads, doing graphics software is beautiful picture show, however, thought for a long time to find the answer. First, I am not the kind of person who likes to show off photos, if you as a product manager, you don’t know the row, not interested, you want to make a good product, very difficult; Second, I have not accumulated in this industry, cow image before doing online assistant, I do clean up this kind of network, so there is no accumulation, a person must have accumulated. At that time I read a book called “the alien”, a theory called ten thousand hours in the book’s law gave me great feeling.

this is can I do in the process of cattle, to the product, the channels for the understanding of user experience once again. Business can cow is an independent company, rather than in a company under the framework, there are lots of difficulties than said such as financing, you have never talked about financing, also don’t know the vc, how to talk about, is a little bit error, this time you need to make the product which is very difficult, in more complexity. The second is how you from a product manager converted to an entrepreneur, if you are a product manager, you only need to consider where to put the button, how to implement this function. But if you are the entrepreneurs, the problem is too much to consider, for example how much money you melt, how do you money, how do you get to build talent team, how each milestone to morale.

when our team of a dozen people in a two-bedroom apartment along in the office, at that time we have been very difficult hiring, others a look at your office in houses, are not willing to come, even appeared just in the morning, walk in the afternoon. In order to recruit people at that time, I will give investors borrowed in office, the interview I told them, you see this is our office of investors, though our office is now very humble, but in the future we will become very strong, even so willing to come to a job interview, or seen a opened the company announcement of the door to the heart.

you before in the framework of a large company is never appear such problem, and recruit, how do you manage your team how to expand, when to spend money, when shouldn’t spend money, now I often reflect on is not to quickly raise money out. Because 08 is the financial crisis, 09 also calculate, so I was always thinking of how to raise my money spent three years. When I and jinshan, I don’t have account two thirds of the money spent, I am very province, the money seems to be in to spend less, entrepreneurial opportunities are miss you. When you really to carry on the next round of funding, in fact you don’t have to spend money to be wasting your entrepreneurial opportunities, because you are not willing to spend money, you will find good people, you don’t give a good salary, expand your business can be a problem. So we met a lot of asked in the entrepreneurial process Topic, is the product meet when you are doing. Cattle experience make me from a product manager, became an entrepreneur. To me this day to spend less than ten or twenty dollars, how to spend millions of RMB, or some of the challenges.

ban industry safety period after I began to do, when the thunder always knew, they said to cow than with golden hill network merger, you come to do the things, so that you can get a speeding growth. When excited, but in such a difficult time, I send his wife and children to go home, now I go to pick up the kids in her hometown, don’t let the children have, from a business houses, now merged with golden hill, that kind of experience… .

but in his heart that he would like to venture aims to make a good product, not to change the world, to meet your sense of achievement , do you have a chance, can now be crossed into research and development team, and to have the brand, and a team, so that we can greatly reduce you met in the process of business risk, you can quickly to positional warfare, the chance of success is very big. when founding team and I said, we will see it as a very large scale of financing, because the development of a startup company to good, must be financing and then attract good team many times. In the end I thought for a long time to merge things has been struck. There are a lot of little story here, confined to the time I will not speak. From today, we take this step is right.

merge with golden hill, my experience and from how to manage a small team to manage the metamorphosis of a big company , because when I was in 360, based on research and development team less than 20 people, then I don’t the whole management team more than 70 people, when combined, can be a total of only 70 people, about four hundred people, then kingsoft security and then finished the merger is a company five hundred people, I’ve only been management team of 70 people, about 500 people to manage the company at the time, is also a big challenge. Based on results from today, I basically didn’t what big mistake. For me, how to manage the team, how to cultural fusion, zhuhai, Beijing, zhengzhou, the real-time management, also learned a lot of things on management. And research and development team, now is not the same as before startup again, want to good at that time is constant at a point to do, how to put a button, how to design an interface, today we have such a team, there is the size of the more than 150 million users how to play the advantages of the company, how to do their own screens in the whole industry chain, and then on the whole their positioning development for customers feel not the same product, is a huge challenge.

golden hill network merging two years later, I remember when I took over the jinshan drug gangsters, active volume is about 7 million, is now 50 billion, from a product to safeguard, the browser to cheetahs, and last year’s income is probably more than three achieved revenue growth of one hundred percent, we believe that the future will have a better development.