From the technical viewpoint of “threat” to the micro letter

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and have how much of a threat on micro letter? My attitude to this question is originally “ha ha”, but there is one thing that I changed my mind.

about half a month ago, I privately to a micro letter friend asked the same question, what he says and letter, we eyes didn’t see at all. WeChat team, I think best. WeChat the heyday, of course, but it has arrived in the face of any threat to relax the point?

absolutely not. Last week, the new release letter. The next day WeChat evaluation in the APP STORE from four to two stars, even the flash back problems! This is not enough to the benefit of the micro letter? In fact in many places, micro believe it has been going back and forth easily chase and even beyond. To name a few I see:

loading speed: and pictures of loading speed faster than WeChat obviously. Images and is said to be used directly taobao CDN services, while taobao CDN after past a baptism, double tenth pictures show and load ability of services at home without a doubt. For chat, image loading speed may not be that important, but now I have been doing social, information sharing interactive between friends is very important, and the share is almost all pictures. There is additional, was launched, with the function of applauded similar voice, pictures, and WeChat all previous version update, but was not involved in this simple function, and, in fact, many of my friends are full of praise for this function, imagine, to go to the concert, floor photograph, attached to the original of singer, is also pretty cool things.

client data: imagine? Were similar in the two clients, WeChat associate is almost twice the size of the! In the latest iOS client, for example, WeChat is 33.5 M, is 18.9 M, don’t look down upon this difference, the smaller client means update faster download speed, and less system resource usage.

speech recognition: thought best voice quality easecredit, micro letter from nearly as bad, after all, easy letter was introduced, the main voice. But there is a really gave me a try out different: in addition to the noise is better than WeChat, is very obvious in comparative noisy place. Another point, WeChat voice the longest do not exceed 60 seconds, and there is no time limit, as long as the network can support, that’s enough you to record your friends a high-definition song. Also, micro letter voice transfer text accuracy is too low, must grasp, don’t put the chicken ribs function wait for anybody else “copy the”, in between, it seems to internal personnel have been released to rival xunfei voice input function.

image compression rate: WeChat images compression ratio higher than associate, causing some images blurred. The new micro letter to increase the function of “original”, users could cost some traffic to view the original image is better. But according to my experience, and don’t have to view the original image, display effect basically can meet the requirements. But there is a little less than that between the thumbnail display effect is inferior to the micro letter, not sure what is out of consideration.

these above various technical merits, objectively speaking, the current WeChat products user experience is to beyond, believe this alibaba are also acknowledged. However, on the other hand, do research and development of person all know, the Internet product model is the research and development personnel and users to develop products, there are achievements first out, listen to user feedback, according to the user to modify opinions, by user’s feedback to revise, and with the increase of users, products and experiences will follow the improvement. As released this month since, version iteration is very fast, the opinion of many users to listen to and improved.

back in a few years ago, says WeChat first users by sending text messages to get free, real outbreak is after import the QQ good friend relationship. Latest news, ali and mobile, unicom and other operators in several provinces first introduced a free flow of services, including to and from all ali is a client access to the Internet traffic for free, interests appeal must be higher than 10 dollars texting plan to, and ali as a BAT alongside tencent, one of the big three can associate for the use of resources is also not much said.

time is very important, is the irreversible. The great pleasure in the mobile Internet is there are too many variables. Like a few years ago, Mr. Ma has “also can not find opponent with a telescope, now although taobao still stand out, have to raise the power of the group” ALL wireless “IN.

in other words, it’s like right now in the United States, young people began to use Facebook as a posturing in front of parents, elders, superiors, rather than a social entertainment platform, which makes its young users a significant decline in activity. While Snapchat, Twitter and WhatsApp, are more popular with these young people. For young people, Facebook is not cool.

but these, even in a year ago, no one can think of. Now WeChat, should know something anyway.