From India to new android leader review Sundar Pichai govinda course

yesterday, 2013 , 3 on 13 , announced larry page android founder, netizens are calling for android hierarch Andy Rubin android department plans, named Sundar Pichai android head.

China’s netizens and media to Rubin are very familiar with, but to the Pichai more strange, Sundar Pichai exactly is who?

skin by 1972 years was born in the Indian state of Tamil nadu. This is a more traditional state in southern India, is one of India’s main breadbasket, abounds in rice, cotton, peanuts, sugar cane and so on. Main industrial textile, steel, cement, fertilizer and the sugar industry, etc. Few scientific and technological industry. Skin grew up in such an environment.

skin mining university in Indian institute of technology, a bachelor’s degree in engineering, and won the silver medal in school. Indian institute of technology is one of the most famous universities in India, “three stupid make bollywood” is set in the colleges and universities, believe that have seen the movie “memories of the school admission requirements of strict.

after undergraduate course graduation, skin collects successful application to study at Stanford university, get a master of science degree, at the Wharton school of business, after get Walton MBA degree.

2004 joined Google in the company. Also is this year, Google bought a small company to do mobile phone operating system, Andy Ruby with the acquisition with android system to join Google.

after joining Google, skin is mainly responsible for client products, then led the Chrome team. Chrome and Chrome OS is under his leadership to the market, in addition Google Drive and he is responsible for the product. At the same time, he is also responsible for supervision, such as Gmail , Google Map Google applications, etc. 2010 years by he released Google video standard VP8 and network video format WebM .

under his leadership, the Chrome browser gradually grown into a global mainstream browser, with the center of the cloud Chrome OS also gradually accepted by the market, and is regarded as the future of Google. In addition, he produced by the New Google maps and other products, landing IOS platform, and was named the new Google design style known. At the same time, in the Andy Rubin , android to become the world’s highest share mobile ecological dominance. Android and Chrome OS be neck and neck in the two sets of Google internal intersection of the few double line system.

the Rubin abdication, skin mining will also responsible for android and Chrome two big platform. The review analysis thinks, this change reflects the Google is trying to merge two systems. Skin collects rich product experience will help to provide the end user “full” Google products experience, the product experience will not be limited to android a platform, but extends to all of the major platform at present. Can be expected, in the future we will be in the IOS see full screen good Google application on system.

skin have already obtained American citizenship, married, had a son and a woman at the moment.


+ account is , published in the most content is all about Chrome OS . Believe him at the helm of android after that, we will see a “more Google demeanor” android .