Founder of the android: android fragmentation is not so serious

in recent stage, about the android fragmentation discussed possibly even no longer. Since android appeared in market and the problem of heat high, why today is no longer hot?

there are two reasons: first, now in the market of many high-end phones and considerable on the mobile phone market in the end, most of the android mobile phone is the latest version of the android system V 4.1/4.2 of Jelly Bean. The unity of the version to some extent reduced the fragmentation.

second, is to discuss the topic for many years people have lost interest. As a matter of fact, nowadays 60% android devices are running V4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and earlier versions. and fragmentation in fact is still a big problem that stand in front of users and developers.

however, according to the founder of the android Rich Miner , the market fragmentation is overreacting, most users satisfied with the android device or a.

this week, in Massachusetts technology leaders summit on the BBS, Miner , frankly, I think is the problem of fragmentation is exaggerated. Don’t forget, every day there are as many as 150 ten thousand phone is activated, and the number of devices on the market as many as 9 .

Miner that under the premise of such a large number in the android devices, some degree of fragmentation is inevitable. At the same time, the broad masses of ordinary users did not like the personage inside course of study or lovers has a deep understanding on fragmentation. Miner , we these people will know details of expressing ideas equipment brush blog, to know what you’re equipment lack of hands. But, when you ask the consumers’ what do you think of your mobile phone system need to upgrade now? most of them will be satisfied with the status quo, said that the current use of mobile phone system with the good. So I don’t think the problem of fragmentation.

Miner acknowledges that , but when released security patches, fragmentation problems are highlighted. It also can’t blame Google and, in some cases, mobile phone manufacturers and operators will be particularly slow release updated version.

“it is obvious that in the android development initial period, people don’t consciously in the mobile phone manufacturers to build ecological platform with Google . , from the point of view of the latest security patches, I think Google better. Google is quickly to provide mobile phone patches.

Miner equipment manufacturers sometimes appear relatively conservative. But they do have to carefully to ensure that the issue is tested product test. And the operator is the same. After all, if the phone is out of question, is facing a customer complaint is not operators.

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