Former employees reported jiangmin company civil strife “rich second generation” boss forced founding patriarch flee

today netizen Cao Lingxiang in weibo, said antivirus jiangmin technology civil strife. Cloud network connection Cao Lingxiang hunting. He said he is jiangmin former employees, the original jiangmin planning department manager, the 2002 to 2011 years working in jiangmin company.

Cao Lingxiang first sent a weibo, said jiangmin use security to expel old employees.

jiangmin company use security today, put a has been with the company for more than ten years, and signed a contract for life of his old workmates, forcibly evicted, do not give any compensation. The law of degree, outrageous. A rich second generation, because his father died suddenly overnight become the master of huge assets, what changes have taken place in his mind? How did he leave his father’s career with light, interested in the media can dig it. There are expected.

Cao Lingxiang broke again, then say a great landslide jiangmin company business development, staff only dozens of people:

it is well known that if teachers and students, the inheritance of the former in addition to their own company, there are two restaurants. Date, two hotels have yellow, jiangmin company from digital building moved to the original welcome pavilion hotel, from the original peak around two hundred employees, dozens of people up to now. And 95% this is a new recruit employees.

Cao Lingxiang said it is jiangmin science and technology of the incumbent chief executive Wang Ying jiangmin science and technology to the depths:

the company entrepreneurial elders TaoXinYu, YanShaoWen made a batch of enterprise companies such as early entrepreneurs, and pillar jiangmin science and technology, technology, national advanced talents in the field of information security, research and development department general manager, deputy general manager: wang lei, how reasonable and Huang Xiaorun people have been forced to leave. The purports to carry on his father’s business, jiangmin science and technology become bigger and stronger to the rich second generation, is the gravedigger jiangmin science and technology.

out entrepreneurship for cao called old employees, Cao Lingxiang said in an interview with cloud network hunting, Wang Ying did so there are a few reasons:

it is a bad business veteran management, in fact, these people are all very support him, may be he himself a suspicious character.

2 is that he put all the cause of the failure of market adverse, push on these people. Products are not competitive, it is the responsibility of the research and development department, market sales, in short, these managers incompetent, behind all sorts of scold.

three, so far, the main reason has become compression cost, and the President, vice President of wage is relatively high (relatively)

the people away, only to save on wages. And these people, just is his father, Mr Wangjiangmin hard to retain in the company, industry contribute to encourage attendance.

and Wang Ying Cao Lingxiang said no personal grudge, “personally, I have been think jiangmin company is all people who have dedicated all jiangmin company, can’t let him run amok. More is sad.”

jiangmin technology founder Mr Wangjiangmin

The child of

wangjiangmin Wang Ying, jiangmin now head

jiangmin science and technology, the founder Mr Wangjiangmin died on April 4, 2010. According to the report: 2010 on 9 day jiangmin company held its first interim board of directors. In the last three hours on the board, all passed a resolution operated by Wang Ying took over jiangmin. After Wang Ying hasten back, it’s been about 5 day. Wang Ying wangjiangmin born to his first wife, namely to Canada to study abroad after graduation from high school, majored in business management and repair the financial . Wang Ying host jiangmin after overhaul of jiangmin.

as of the time, jiangmin technology to Cao Lingxiang speech has not made any response.

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