Foreigners in the eyes of the micro letter out: it is difficult to blend in the Chinese circle

the author: fox Ann

due to the European market activity to participate in a multinational company and know a lot of Chinese friends, who lived in Europe. In addition, because the company has a headquarters in the United States, as a result, accompanying many American friends. The common characteristic of these people is that are WeChat users, but they do not look good WeChat sea adventure.

according to overseas friends, users use micro letter to roughly three people, one kind is Chinese companies in overseas workers, the reason was that the European and American traffic cost is lower, they like this kind of low cost and domestic frequent communication; A class of students is from China, they have the circle based on QQ, and will import WeChat these social relations; Three is some specific industries, such as the guide, we formed a fixed circle, for the sharing of information, such as which route to make money, which city security, etc. In addition, the influence of the three people close Chinese friends.

but you do not look good micro letter activities at sea, called the adventure. A miss zhang told sohu IT in North America, have long heard of tencent micro letter to globalization, more concern is the product will not collect fees, overseas staff due to the time difference, IT is based on micro letter communication does not have the very strong timeliness, so the micro letter is a communication tool, the icing on the cake dispensable, not necessity. Another perennial in Europe is engaged in the work to meet tour guide said straightforward, WeChat only Chinese in use, basically impossible to break into the Chinese community.

with micro letters into the views of many non-chinese circle, its view is roughly as follows:

WeChat is a social product, one of the important reasons of its success, is import from QQ friends relationship. the habit of foreigners does not use QQ. they are mostly loyal users communication tools such as MSN, QQ in overseas use of mainstream, Chinese students and working groups. They are not the mainstream of society.

the development of the different social class product at home and abroad, domestic fake products, such as the true and false kaixin, xiaonei, QQ space, these products is the differentiation of the people. abroad are relatively concentrated, such as connections on Facebook, because there is no a strong enough to match the product, so Facebook viscosity is stronger, they are more communication through Facebook, rather than class WeChat products.

in addition, it is also need a lift, with “domestic blindly copying western business model, the domestic user advocated western products” approach, from western user community for social software from China and “Oriental” the characteristic enthusiasm.

source: sohu IT