For the “rescue” Microsoft and elop, nokia’s former chairman said · · · · · ·

according to the Wall Street journal reported, nokia’s former board chairman Jorma Ollila said that elop did not nokia CEO the most promising candidate, before he has a mysterious candidates.

Ollila said in an interview: “the original nokia CEO competition the job candidates for a total of 5 a. Although the board of directors think elop is a marketing and business management, but there are still more competent candidates are considered. “but Ollila did not disclose the names of the people, said only that he is a well-known technology companies in the United States” number two “, in the age of 50 s. In spite of this, the most promising candidates for some personal reasons, and give up the race.

nokia’s former chairman Jorma,

it is understood that this is Ollila2012 years leave nokia publicly for the first time for an interview. In addition to talked about the nokia choose about, the former chairman of the board of directors also expressed the opinion of nokia mobile phone business failure. He said: “apple focus on high-end mobile phone market, nokia also learn to focus on high-end market. But operators don’t agree that we put the mobile phone price is too high. For us, the operator was control demand of the mobile phone market. Although nokia was in silicon valley have 1000 people’s mobile phone r&d team, but it is not as successful as Google and apple.”

interestingly, although nokia acquired by Microsoft, but Ollila to Microsoft “aid” seems to be quite a problem: “I have to admit, Microsoft’s operating system does not allow nokia make a comeback. Our production of WP can’t and iPhone and Android , etc. Nokia if it did not choose Microsoft, then? Who all don’t know, perhaps.

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