Following the iPhone 5 s, samsung will issue two “golden edition” Galaxy S4

samsung also want to follow the iPhone 5 s, golden edition of mobile phone!

yesterday, posted a message: “exclusive golden Galaxy S4” for you. In addition, this news also comes with a pink’s Galaxy S4 images. We can see from the picture, the edge of the edge of the phone and Home button has a circle of phnom penh.

at the same time, also on Facebook released a picture of a “golden edition” Galaxy S4. However, this map is more than a mobile phone brown’s Galaxy S4. And pink version, this phone has a circle around the phnom penh.

due to the two pictures only show the front of the phone, so we can not determine whether the two phones golden also appeared on the back cover.

the foreign media PCMag think science and technology, in view of the fact that other parts of the samsung official Twitter did report the incident, so these two golden version of the samsung Galaxy S4 is likely to be sold only in the Middle East.

as samsung smartphones during this year, the Galaxy S4 launched a series of “deformation”. In addition to gold version of the Galaxy S4 reported today, samsung has introduced a waterproof board, 4.3 -inch screen, and has a strong ability of taking pictures.

in addition, samsung official yesterday also confirmed in the next month will launch a curved screen smartphone.