Fly like a spin network CEO item set just blasting Mr Luo hiring ghostwriters be scold silly by the former said waiting for a lawsuit

although hammer conference has passed, but the hammer effect continues.

yesterday, fly like network CEO, telecom item just popped the Mr Luo hammer technology to hire an expert in water army.

“hammer release, the content of the paper is the, also gave me, pay weibo, turned down, want to keep the power of independent evaluation. I wanted to, how many people can make the operating system? Look, the original is the basic set of UI, this is normal. And want to, why everybody together talking, and know, pay, this is normal. It can make money, also want to? Get a ring can really make money? I don’t know, can see.”

the forward Mr Luo xiang weibo, and respond: smelly silly force. “Who’s looking for you pay? Speak the name and last name.”

xiang did not respond directly to Mr Luo, but posted on the blog today, detailed instructions on the back and forth. Xiang said, I will not back to scold, scold can scold it win? My assistant is word of mouth interactive, associated phone and QQ I had charged assistant is retained. It can engage in a lawsuit, I’m waiting for.

this is xiang blog:

Mr Luo to do mobile phones, some more than once let me say, I kept quiet about products did not see, what to say?

27, at 11, assistant told me that word of mouth interactive to say to want to turn a weibo, content has direct messages in weibo, I looked at it and be a video is advertising.

instructions, AD I also often turn, some also charge a fee. But I have my request, is must content I have ever seen, I can accept, I am willing to turn, therefore, I have my assistant weibo account, but she did not dare to start, but to contact with me, let me see. I watched, refused.

actually do propaganda for new businesses, new products, I will not refuse, income is not a bad thing. I used to do the media have a slogan: observation, research, criticism and recommendation. Recommend and introduce enterprises and products, the character is a media work, although I don’t do the media now, someone is going to introduce products I recommend, I am willing to, friends turn friendship, broadcasting company find I naturally want to charge.

this weibo, I don’t want to, because I don’t like this feeling, do product product, make a thing, blowing big point, also is normal, do mobile phone first, then do system, although I don’t believe, how many have little to look forward to, the results make a theme, seconds kill ios and so on. I’m not against marketing, but marketing into the situation. My heart is not shame. For the state to do driver, contrary to the principle of my life.

rose up in the morning, see the full is the content, and saw a familiar friend, remember looking for me yesterday, is sent weibo.

know will soon have arrived water-forces, indeed as expected. And be scolded, I will not back to scold, scold can scold it win? My assistant is word of mouth interactive, associated phone and QQ I had charged assistant is retained. It can engage in a lawsuit, I’m waiting for.

to make a good thing, a speculation, is normal, also understand. But must have a foundation, made such things, can only call names, swear I did not rivals, not to scold, can escape. But can call names scold out good product? His letter?


Mr Luo responded: this is called “evidence”? I’m making a text message, and then screen says “evidence” suggesting that xiang this silly force is black I took the money, ok? China has its own product launch, have you ever heard of media reporters don’t take a red envelope payments – even at his own expense to buy tickets to see? Digital media has made a hammer conference news headlines and we need to find a such better.i soft article?

otherwise, according to industry reports coming from the celebrities David feng xiang “evidence” don’t call the evidence, because it is a old car marketing, marketing companies want to take has nothing to do with ronaldo.

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