First visit to China as a public relations company CEO

the author: Lois

since social gaming company since its establishment in 2007, Mark Pincus (Mark Pincus) recently came to the company for the first time China studio, and in yesterday to meet with the media. On that day, its research and development of China’s latest card game War of the Fallen app store distribution around the world.

the War of the Fallen is not the company launched the first of card games. Earlier, Japan’s studio offering “paranormal” Yin and Yang (Ayakashi: Ghost Guild) since to China operation, income hit a record high. Card game popular in the China and Japan to the west is becoming an important deployment of its path.

pincus said yesterday in an interview with the media group to visit, the company is currently the mobile end users has exceeded 70 million, which in their view is a good result. Come to China together with the accompanying pincus company chief operating officer David kou (David Ko) is the main leadership the company launched more than 25 of cross-platform mobile social games.

“to observe the time to play games can be found that the user can in every moment of the day to play games, they play on the PC during the day, night is transferred to the mobile terminal. More importantly, different time and different terminal is playing the same game. This means that the cross-platform is a very important experience. But not all games can do this.”

reflection in 2012, the company’s share price falling, pincus acknowledges that launched last year many of the games they did not meet their expectations. At the same time, the user to make the transition to the mobile end so fast beyond their forecasts. Because of this, the company must put more effort into the mobile end of this year, including “you Draw I guess” (the Draw Something) of the second generation version and parkour games “Running with Friends” will be launched next important game.

according to the cooperation between the domestic game platform, pincus also mentioned WeChat implied the opportunity. China manager Tian Hang wisdom said, tencent is the next important partners. Different game suitable for different platforms, are still in testing, the specific cooperation plan has not yet to officially announced.

as the creator of the concept of social games on Facebook to justifying the market value of this game. But now the company is facing more serious competition situation.

according to foreign media reports, last month, the European social casual games company every day the number of active users reached 50 million, close to the company in the last quarter of 54 million users. Its three types of diabetes game Candy Crush Saga is firmly in the App Store the district no. 1 bestseller lists. Many users in Asia have become the fans of the game.

pincus and avoid rivals Candy Crush created by grades, he thinks, Candy Crush on revenue success actually to the industry also proved the cross-platform social leisure market value of the game. Just, the company also need to come up with their own performance to prove whether it has the ability to make its former glory.

at the end of April, the company will issue earnings in the first quarter of this year. In fiscal year 2012, the company operating income was $1.28 billion, more than 12% growth in fiscal 2011. For a growing company, the performance is not good. Results after the release, pincus called 2013 “investment and a year of transition”. On fickle players and not easy to be satisfied before investors, company’s need to hurry up to prove himself.