Figure night way: lei jun play modest not desperately

cloud network hunting small column “night way” was born! Focus on the industry characters, inventory spicy content! Cloud network exclusive present hunting!

NO. 1 this writing: JiPeng

$10 billion millet has become the industry the object of study, to be the first xi chose a more greatly millet people grades are up to the peak, see in the circle of friends millet people are crazy about praise and forward. As the founder of millet, lei jun is old brush green cucumber, second life again. Such achievements, lei jun is zha say?

lei jun told phoenix finance and economics, in an interview: “I think I always can’t dacheng, is influenced by our traditional education. Our traditional education encourage smart child and diligence, the unreasonable. But in fact I think I have been very clear that I go to the 40 s, diligence and hard work alone is not enough.”

ah, Michael, you are modest played, what kind of grades is dacheng? (now have fans to discuss, LeiJunChang like who, who looks like lei jun topic… ) if the millet such achievement is not the dacheng, I think baidu tencent ali, be careful what it doesn’t seem that ray, not rare billions dollars, is to want to rush the billions of dollars to the ah.

modest this word is to let ray don’t ruined, but he said that the traditional education this matter, I agree with you.

some humility, some pride. Not, for the questions of the decline of the sina weibo activity, sina airborne to co-president, jack xu said, there’s nothing like it.

in response to new express reporter to interview said jack xu, WeChat and microblogging are two different social platform, “the long run microblogging and WeChat coexistence relationship, one is a weak relationship, is a strong relationship. In fact, the current between weibo and WeChat also get through. Weibo activity have periodic performance, have launched a new activity, there are a lot of activity, the latest version of version 4.0 comes out, more than 20 million installed capacity within a week. In our monitoring, sina weibo activity did not decline “. Sina weibo activity, especially on the mobile end activity, also on the rise. Weibo is 76% of the traffic from mobile terminal, and rapid growth, each active weibo users spend more than 70 minutes a day to play weibo sina weibo not only got the tickets of “mobile”, its mobile phone client is also one of the largest APP users.

consul general xu somehow also come to sina for several months, somehow also took several months of wages, weibo activity of course can’t fall! Hee hee!

with humility, and with pride, as to a admit mistake again. HTC was having a difficult time now, also broke the ghost in case a while ago, beauty manager ms wang told the Beijing evening news is admit that made a mistake.

“the function of HTC phones very much, but marketing did a very bad.” For example, says she was pioneered to HTC phones panoramic camera function, until after seven or eight month apple started to use. But, put it in the television AD, a great success, while HTC didn’t expect to do so, “in the past, we always can’t clearly tell consumers, after they had bought a mobile phone can get what.” Ms wang pointed out that the second, is the firm’s product line layout, since into “tactics” high-quality goods, to develop advanced products market, but ignored the order products, give a person top-heavy sense. “So, since this year, I’m trying to study marketing, please wang lee hom, mayday, Robert downey jr, such as a star, do product endorsements for different regions. I believe this is a good try.”

don’t know how to think about HTC and ms wang will millet? Think that year, the most prosperous, ms wang is the darling of the media.

just say that finish ray booth, never forgot his good comrade oil guns, they were keeping abreast of the image is hometown of hubei province in the eyes of a big city. In China entrepreneur magazine interview, zhou said: “congratulations to tencent, iron already wore shorts (jinshan network), and now have a dog!”

word chuo spectators in the punchline. Q: is Lao zhou said crosstalk? A: he is the most understand the Internet, in the cross talk is the most will say crosstalk in the Internet. Even 360 failed, Lao zhou, hungry deathless ah, you look at the language art, gee.

not someone said! Half of the 3.6 trillion market value is Lao zhou said out! Fight over the Buddha river’s name is not who can be the drop!