FB executives interpretation results: more ads, but improve the user viscosity

May 2 messages, Facebook in Beijing time today released the first quarter of 2013 in the morning. Results show that Facebook on revenue of $1.458 billion in the first quarter, up 38%; Net income was $219 million, up 7% from a year earlier.

money after the release, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg), COO Shirley Sandberg (Sheryl Sandberg) and CFO David his bosman (David Ebersman) participated in the subsequent meeting, conference call, an analyst with key points of interpretation results and answer questions from analysts.

the following main contents for question and answer session, an analyst at :

q: could you talk about you in the commercialization of the more exciting move?

mulberry goldberg: in terms of advertising, I mentioned, we are very pay attention to improving the quality of our advertising, if you go to see our more successful advertising products such as “Custom groups” (the Custom Audiences), a class of “Partner” (Partner Categories) and fang binxing (Facebook Exchange), these products have very good precision, experience for Facebook users and advertisers are good, we will continue to increase investment, improve the user experience of the advertised products and advertisers return on investment.

zuckerberg: make me more excited is that can improve the quality of the things, our biggest tradeoff is: on the one hand, people like to use Facebook, on the other hand, in the long run (if you want to retain users) AD quality pass. About our mobile applications to install AD products, want to find good application in app store have no better way than it, the user’s new information flow is the same, especially the visual effect is very big. Our policy is that information flow in the advertising and other content on the form is consistent, I think that in the long run can improve quality of advertising.

q: user viscosity first, do you have what measures are designed to improve the user viscosity?

his bosman transfer: if you see the data, our global users are growing quickly, the user activity growth is also high, part of the mobile terminal is very important, can help us bring more active users.

q: the future is more than a screen world, do you see what kind of opportunities in this respect? If you agree to screen type is fragmentation (, namely screen type more and more, more and more diverse) of the statement?

zuckerberg: I think on the one hand, more and more users to share things, on the other hand, the form and way that they share things also more and more. Users start to use all kinds of technology, no matter what technology application in this device. A more concern for us is: which platform is the fastest growing. We won’t be a ten big investments, but we can focus on some aspects.

I think consumer socialization content, keep in touch with others has become the basic human needs, and the demand will not change. The user to add in new information advertising is an important step, any place, someone reading new business opportunities. No matter what form to take in the future, we will provide our say just the right amount of ads.

q: although more your AD, but the user viscosity is increased, you are also considering other forms of advertising?

zuckerberg: the current situation is good, we see we originally thought that the user may decline in some emotions and satisfaction. The present results make us more confident, that is, with the development of the time we can provide more widely. Our policy is not to say that, of course, to provide a huge amount of advertising, our strategy is just has a small number, simple things, so that advertisers easier to work with us.

q: in the current advertising sales difficult circumstances than before, how do you attract advertisers? You a month of 41% active users in the United States, Canada and Europe, and the region contributed as much as 74% of advertising revenues. How do you promote in other parts of the revenue contribution?

mulberry goldberg: I am optimistic in front of us the opportunity, I learned in the field of Internet advertising sales an experience is: you are not expected to have market growth rate is often sooner than you think. 7 years ago if you ask me how Turkey of the advertising market, in my opinion is definitely wrong. Big and little business opportunity for me is very encouraging, for small businesses we have a lot of advantages, for the people all over the world use Facebook. When you have a Timeline and information page, build a home page is not too difficult, we have 16 million small business users to set up a Facebook page, we have been optimistic.

q: in terms of advertising price, can according to the user’s new flow of advertising with the page on the right side of the advertisement Cost Per one thousand (Cost Per Mille, CPM) what’s the difference?

his bosman: we show in the user’s information of advertising more can obtain the user’s attention, so naturally the price will be higher.

it is for us to invest in the future in 2013 year, we are in position to we want to achieve.

q: add video advertising on Facebook what strategies do you have?

sandberg: we are very excited for video aspect, at present we have a video products, advertisers can be embedded in the content of a page of a video, we’ve got strong feedback. We will continue to explore in this field, but there is no news to announce.

q: in terms of forms of advertising, what do you think your advertisement form already optimization?

mulberry goldberg: I think the ascension of our advertising space also is very big, I don’t know whether advertising form still need to improve, but I think it is more important or AD quality, basically I think the current form of advertising we are satisfied. We hope that the contents of advertisements for users and friends to share or any other your page content as useful, at the same time also has better returns for advertisers, and these two aspects are inseparable. Our advertising will be more accurate, but as our website in change, product improvement, not rule out the possibility of change forms of advertising.

q: sets a business what new progress?

zuckerberg: sets the current performance is very good, is growing so fast. Them has an opportunity to build a large community and ability, this is what they focus in 100%. I also very optimistic for sets a business opportunity, there are a lot of the content of the enterprise brand in them add them on Facebook, also promoted the enterprise customer loyalty and the cords and degrees.

q: could you talk about your platform strategy? Can give some third-party vendor specific examples of success?

zuckerberg: about game ecosystem, in addition to our biggest partner company growth without everyone expected to fast, other manufacturers in good growth. Our broader, this is all we will become a social application of the embodiment of the mission. We want to be a good distribution channel, but recent mobile applications to install advertising has become our another tools and weapons.

q: what about Graph Search, what you learned from the experience?

zuckerberg: we develop Ggraph Search took some time, but we need to turn it into a really good product data of the real world, so we launched a small number of users against the first function. We are very pleased with its current development, the improvement to all users, is expected over the next few months.

q: how your active users under the age of 25?

his bosman: we are very pleased for the overall user activity is still, we are of all ages and users have a very high coverage, young users is one of the most active user groups, and they also sets a most active community.

q: your Mobile application installed commercial application side (Mobile App Install) accounted for revenue?

his bosman: we introduced early in the fourth quarter of last year, this product is still in early stages of development, but the effect is very good, our user experience for providing and income growth are very satisfied with it. This product and I are in the user’s new information to add useful strategy and logic behind the contents of the advertisements. For us, it also provides incremental customer, many also buy mobile application installation of advertising companies now Facebook’s new advertisers.

q: in your all applications, income is meaningful in addition to pay the class have? Such as Gifts?

his bosman transfer: the whole product line growth rate is 15%, the game the growth rate of 12%. Increment is mainly promoted by the User content (User – promoted posts), the products we launched last year, the Gifts to the overall growth.

translation: tencent technology