Facebook’s social graph search “is launched

according to the New York times and ABC news reported that Facebook will today officially open to the area to the United States ordinary users’ social graph search tool. It is reported, the application of the test versions as early as January has been available in a few years, the purpose is to let users via Facebook have strong data, to achieve a more personalized search function. , for example, in the future you will be able to pass the input like the beatles “friend” or “friends like Tokyo restaurant” and other terms, to form their own interest in circle, obtain reliable life service information, etc.

in addition, the function will be released in the first place in the United States, is expected in the next three weeks, all U.S. Facebook users can “enjoy” to the English version of the Graph Search. At present, we don’t know when the application will be logged in other countries and regions, and when to launch a mobile version.