Facebook’s Home application will make Google marginalized?

Beijing time on April 5, according to foreign media reports, Facebook launched in the Home, actually herself in between consumers and the android system, it is hard not to Google feel nervous.

Facebook must hope that they can have more social interaction between the user and the friend’s influence, even Google was thinking.

Facebook last night issued a new, downloadable Home user interface, the user after installation can replace the smartphone Home screen and lock screen and desktop wallpaper. And the function of the android system, users will be in the form of slides on a mobile phone to view real-time news, photos, and share the link.

a long time, Facebook is hoped oneself can directly control its users, the product release is undoubtedly a very clever way. Home operating system will be on April 12, for users to download, but only support part of the android mobile phone. In fact, the Home is not a new cell phone or operating system, even the also changes to the android isn’t as big as the amazon Kindle Fire.

Home to mobile applications and user interface seamlessly, it brings to the smart phone users a new experience. There is no doubt that Google needs to be more vigilant. For some users, Home and even can completely replace the android. This part of the users are mostly loyal users of Facebook, Google will inevitably need to be careful to deal with this.

the Creative Strategies of California company (Creative Strategies) President Tim ba jia (groomed) said, “you can see, the Home completely took over the smart phone, you will receive more information from Facebook in the future, while Google will be marginalized.”

because the Home is to run on android, so Facebook can smoothly to phone Home to more users. As you can imagine, the Home users will spend more time on Facebook, but without losing a Google android core functionality.

ba jia said, “what really matters for Google is that their search functions are integrated into the user’s phone. I don’t think Google is too nervous, unless there is a sign that the user in the future to make the Facebook Home as the main tool to search information.”

in addition to the dynamic message in the form of a slide show, the Home includes a mobile application startup interface, users can display on their applications frequently accessed. In addition, when other friends send a message to you, you also will receive a reminder. These remind not disappear automatically, even when you are using other applications also can appear, unless you choose to view or hide on them.

Facebook CEO mark zuckerberg, the scene of the release (tencent technology illustrated)

Google android for free and open source for a reason. The search engine giant has obtained the huge benefits from the intelligent mobile advertising, it depends on the users to use email product information search, and other related services. Released today in the Home site, Facebook, although there is no mention of their social Graph (Graph Search) Search product, but it is almost certainly the social network will integrate this feature. Facebook even launch its own mobile application store, or the map service.

bluntly, Facebook and Google in various fields has been comprehensively, such as Google for the deficiency of Facebook launched its own social media; While Facebook network search the Google into traditional sphere of influence. In the future, the mobile platform will no doubt become a battleground of the two companies, they all hope oneself can control users as much as possible. But for now, because the android and, Google has huge advantages in the field.

there, analysts say the Home that Facebook can more detailed tracking user on your mobile phone use behavior, can also sell more ads, and Google just made as a result of these two points.

consider Facebook didn’t really to launch their own operating system, the Home will no doubt become the social media company in the future to promote products.

it is understood that Google released in Facebook Home after maintained a neutral attitude.

a Google spokesman said the “android greatly speed up the development progress in hundreds of different devices. This new cell phone just show the open and flexible degree of Google, it is a good thing for the whole industry.”


Facebook Home interface (tencent technology illustrated)

meanwhile, Facebook CEO mark zuckerberg, in today’s conference, the Home will help android, because it would lead to developers for android users to provide more “high quality products”. However, he also said the Home will only first appeared on the android platform, rather than iOS, because Facebook can be all kinds of changes to android.

zuckerberg said, “Google’s android completely open, almost no additional communication with them.”

this simple remark like shows that the two companies their attitude toward Home. Although Google will not publicly hit Home, since it must to show our open position, but the search engine giant must be wary.

of course, zuckerberg also could be right, Home might really help android. If the product won the user’s approval, then they are more likely to give up the iPhone, and choose support android phone Home.

however, regardless of the outcome, Google will be closely watched Mr Zuckerberg and Facebook’s every move.