Facebook will hand in hand with HTC launched Facebook Home system

Facebook is a promising 4 on 4 day of the conference to be held, conference theme around facebook custom a redesign android system, according to the news, we got to know that the revised system named Facebook Home , this is a deep custom ROM , Facebook services will completely is blended in among them. Messenger, Photos, Contacts, application will become primary reference system, Messenger not only can be used for and facebook friend communication, but also can be used to contact texting, instead of the original text application.

Facebook and HTC Facebook Home . Conference may show a pick up the system of mobile phone: HTC Myst . Allegedly this kind of mobile phone appearance is similar to the iphone 5 , Home button in the middle. 4.3 inch screen was close to iPhone screen size.

another media said the official conference will also be published android version facebook application updates. We all know that facebook android , the earlier the overhaul.

in addition to supporting the HTC Myst , Facebook Home may also support HTC One . There are currently no screenshots and functions of this system is introduced, we are also very curious about a depth into facebook service android system, some applications in addition to the built-in, facebook will interactive change?

if you have a new message, we will update in time.

in addition, this system makes little sense to users in China at present. As is known to all, Iran, north Korea, Cuba and other countries, a total of four countries cannot access facebook.