Facebook users free of charge to the United States

according to foreign media reports, Facebook yesterday to the Android version of Facebook Messenger and Facebook Home application of the United States launched a free phone users. , a spokesman for Facebook users need to upgrade the application can use this function.

this function on Facebook friends contact page increased “Free Call” button (Free Call). Facebook Home users can also call from Chat Heads, just need to click a few times more, click on the contact name by three points, choose “Open in Messenger” (Open) in the Messenger, and then navigate to the friend’s contact information. After clicking the “Free Call” button, Facebook connect via wi-fi or mobile data Call friends.

since early January, Facebook began releasing free phone in some countries. This function first to Canada iOS Facebook Messenger users, then increased to a full version of Facebook iPhone applications. Since then, Facebook version for Android Messenger in 23 countries introduced a free phone.

this VoIP phone only takes up the user’s data traffic, and won’t talk time of consumption, mobile, this makes Facebook the potential threat of the operators.

translation: sohu it