Facebook stunts: allows the user to block mobile advertising

news, on May 3, according to foreign media reports, on May 2, Facebook confirm a stunts: mobile end users if hate ads, you can set the shielding part of Facebook ads.

now can block ads displayed in the flow of information (News Feeds), mainly from the brand’s Facebook page (Pages), the contents of advertisements is a recommended related images and links.

in iOS, android, and mobile version of the site, the user can choose to shut down the advertisement.

the Atlantic magazine reported that was introduced recently about how Facebook mobile advertising “boring”, result the magazine found close advertising new options. The move was eventually confirmed Facebook.

the technology site CNET reports that Facebook is developing more close mobile advertising options, the next two to three weeks, users will be able to choose shielding install mobile advertising, and in the following a friend “like” a brand advertising.

these block the function of mobile advertising in the iOS deployment, then implemented in the android devices.

Facebook said, shielding mobile advertising development capabilities, the purpose is to let users better control what you see, at the same time let advertisers better to target audience. According to Facebook, recently launched their tools, makes the mobile advertising blocked probability by 15%.