Facebook released a new version of the News feed

Facebook on Thursday released its latest News Feed with redesigned (flow) function, it is the company so far this function to make the most important changes.

Facebook released Thursday after redesigning the function of News feed, advertisers expressed look good. In a nutshell, the new version, users can browse their friends or alone is photos and music. Equipped with more pictures and video player, these places are good advertising. Adopted a larger palette, can be used to do more.

but Fceebook has not yet released any details about how to integrate advertising in the News feed, it is unclear whether all the advertisers may, according to different content into their advertisements. Facebook’s advertisers are paying close attention to the new products, and issued their own points of view:

Morgan Stanley analyst Scott Devitt and his team told investors: News feed will have more page, allow for greater more attractive advertising slots, so advertisers benefit, similar to the high – CPM “acquisition” ads on other web sites. To correspond to the content of feeds increase the user experience News feed, adopt the new mode spot users are more likely to accept the advertising (such as video), improve the AD loading speed, and allow the web page content.

Dan Slagen, senior vice President: we are pleased to see Facebook from mobile terminal to the desktop is a high degree of consistency, we think this will bring more time to the user. Show how Facebook hasn’t released new form of advertising, but a complete test is necessary. Advertising will have more pictures more creative, we are looking forward to he has a better performance.

Simon Mansell TGB CEO: photo is more outstanding, means of brand marketing communication message is more important. It’s like the print advertising as a independent discipline to study, “friends – only” can bring users more friends, but it can prevent those who let a person unhappy or advertising content in their friend’s page. “Stand out” for the brand is a bit difficult, but it will bring a better user experience for the user, in the long run, this will increase the number of Facebook users and income, and will do better more. According to the order of time to arrange the content is very interesting, but it has been cancelled, this is the choice between content and users.

spruce media COO Lucy Jacobs: this change is the first goal against Faceook, to let more people join in. Facebook to ensure content shows the key problem, because people may not know all the people in his friend list. So it is necessary to make News feed, reduce unnecessary information and content in order to retain more users.

Hussein Faza AdParlor CEO: bigger and more prominent images equals better performance. The prominent News feed than with other types of products more let us excited. News feed to design, make the image more prominent, larger image means a higher clickthrough rate, deeper engagement and better returns. And more users may access to the News feed and better advertising and performance can bring more revenue to Facebook.