Facebook is Twitter: efforts to please his younger users

the most teenagers have Facebook account, but Facekbook circles in youth have not so hot. “Facebook is not so cool,” many people think so.

on Wednesday afternoon, Facebook launched a new share measures, further to the new social platform (such as Twitter competitors).

since 16 afternoon, the teens aged 13 to 17 on the Facebook platform users can publish/share the content of the comprehensive public, whether or not the other associated with blogger on Facebook, you can see information. Earlier, teenagers posted content can only be Shared within the circle of friends, at best, can only be associated by blogger friends friends see (once contacts interval).

at the same time, Facebook also open the function of “(one-way) concern” (similar to attention on Twitter, sets). Teenagers users without waiting for blogger friend request approval, can be in the class information focus on the information to the blogger.

Facebook said in the blog, it is not a big change. “Even though only a small percentage of users may choose to fully open to share content, but after all, this update is the manner in which provides users with more sharing, sharing with the wider range, as provided by the other social media.”

“as well as other social media services” the idea is very interesting. Facebook is unique, not only because it is the pioneer of social media, is is that it is different from other social platform. Facebook is a place where users interact with to know friends, more private properties. Twitter in recent years, more and more hot, is more like a “global village” the same platform, can interact with any one dialogue, no matter where, whether to get to know each other.

and modify sharing strategy but is Facebook social mechanism gradually open (to private) one of the measures. Perhaps with the help of such a public, Facebook will continue to win back the user’s heart teenagers.

for new join Facebook social networking users publish/share content is still the default open to friends, play window tutorials will guide new users how to set up a public authority. Facebook so set also to take care of the mentality of privacy activists, avoid because of the public and the spray.

Facebook through independent set of public authority, gives the user more information for the audience to choose flexibility and control. Compared to Twitter or public or private double set, Facebook obviously has a certain advantage.

in the field of rapid development of social networking, it’s hard to assert that a year after Facebook will become what appearance. May look cool social platform for teenagers again, or, perhaps, from now on in silence. Just sit tight.