Facebook is hot topic test function

according to foreign media reports, Facebook has begun in the homepage information flow test “hot topics” function. This functionality is similar to the hot topic of Twitter functionality, display Facebook users in a hot topic.

a Facebook spokesman confirmed on Friday local time the company in a hot topic in functional testing, “we are in for a functional test on the flow of information. At present the functions are available only to a few users in the United States, is still in its early stages of the development cycle.”

the Facebook spokesman said, if you decide to more users, the company will disclose more details about this feature.

Facebook since Thursday to begin testing the function of hot topic, highlighting between Facebook and Twitter for the real-time network information dominance of war in the upgrade. This is to be an important battlefield, become the network news events and television related topics on the top center of the company in attracting advertisers will gain advantages, especially in advertising clients consider more advertising budget for mobile and desktop, rather than television advertising.

Twitter years ago began to provide function of theme tag and hot topic, has always been considered a hub with hot topic tracking.

this year Facebook activity in the field, released in June, the function of theme tag, earlier this month began to hot topic test functions in mobile applications. Facebook also in vigorously promoting its website with news and events, TV shows statistics about the post.

hot topic content displayed in the user information window top right corner, the position to say very eye-catching.

just like Twitter, Facebook, a hot topic in function will show caused a large number of users to discuss the labels and the theme of the event.

source: sohu it