Facebook is copying Twitter into television, clean?

(translation: million begging)

here are the latest class from Facebook Twitter action: it is also starting to provide data interface to the TV, let the outside world are more likely to see people on Facebook to talk about something.

currently envisioned: for example, CNN want to tell his audience people in facebook or how to talk about Syria miley Cyrus , it can be very simply pop up on the screen from the facebook user interesting comment “public”.

facebook have previously and television programmers to others such as cooperation in the industry as a one-off material (for example, during the last presidential election). Now Facebook API, so that his partner can get these material soon.

at the moment, facebook opened only for part of TV network and the application API, including CNN, BuzzFeed, NBC and Slate. Do social media data flow sorting social planning company Mass Relevance will do for this project.

this is facebook continues to advance from Twitter to grab some “real-time dialogue” one part of the marketing plan, which has been very successful in making television programmers and others believe that Twitter is now the best place to see people speech, regardless of what kind of topic about.

of course, facebook will not stand up and say the words. He is more inclined to talk about those already in the Internet with no mistakes. But for various reasons, he is not in the past to spend too much energy. And this has been a few months ago began to change, whether in private conversations with media partners or through action in public.

Twitter with Facebook imitation mood complicated :

for various TV nagging on facebook (I’m afraid more than on Twitter) and a series of imitation Twitter has appeared on the Internet such as labels, such as hot topic of new tool breast-beating.

all of these have become the most attentive things Twitter now, he is on facebook you are on the way of its the fact is very sensitive, and efforts in disdain for Facebook so far.

you will from Twitter to hear a big spells. It stressed that the current Twitter in the production of subject ability is much better than the Facebook . Due to the mechanism, Facebook subject more dispersed, and harder to track.

for Twitter, facebook return is: facebook session on more meaningful, because people is their real name on facebook, and web sites for who they are and who they like to learn a lot.