Facebook in China, still need how long?

, the scio’s official website reported on the morning of September 10, director of the scio Cai Mingzhao (Facebook) in Beijing to meet with Facebook’s chief operating officer Cheryl Sandberg (Sheryl Sandberg) of a line, the two sides have Facebook platform for Chinese companies to expand overseas market and cooperation matters such as the importance of problem are discussed in this paper.

sandberg visit, to promote his new book “step forward”, this is her first public appearance in China. Contrary to mark zuckerberg, she was inside Facebook executives of “into China” negative representatives. The talks with the scio official sandberg, raised discussion about Facebook into China again.

mark zuckerberg enthusiasts for

Facebook has been seeking to enter the Chinese market, which began in 2010 at the earliest.

at the end of 2010, Facebook CEO mark zuckerberg visited China, met with China’s Internet giants such as alibaba, baidu, and Mr Wang, Mr Ma, chao, lee, li held talks for China senior telecom and Internet. Then how about Facebook into China, and when in China discussed constantly.

in the talks, kai-fu lee also Facebook how to enter the Chinese own series of Suggestions were put forward, and help mark to recognize the need to face:

“have you ever thought could be affected by the Chinese government regulation? If not cooperate, you will not come, if you choose to obey the laws and regulations of China, have you thought about this and the pressure in the United States?”

in the face of lee’s question, Mr Zuckerberg is confident, her decision to enter the Chinese market is serious, these problems are already considered.

the outside thought, Facebook to into China, are willing to enter in the form of joint venture company, in order to follow the rules of the Chinese market to Facebook Chinese website and Facebook site to do the necessary cutting around the world.

even zuckerberg pushing, Facebook has no positive progress in China. From after the visit to China at the end of 2010, zuckerberg many times to visit China again, domestic partners are still not sure, however, license plate is difficult to implement, and never let go by the competent department of China’s news.

on February 2, 2012 Facebook submit IPO, IPO wrote in the book, at present there are four countries in the world don’t have access to Facebook, among them there are Chinese.

sandberg’s attitude change


into China, are not to claim within Facebook. Sandberg COO and CEO mark zuckerberg is not same attitude about into China, zuckerberg enthusiasts for entering the Chinese market, sandberg conservative attitude.

she has clearly expressed his hesitation, not to enter the Chinese market will have loss, to enter the Chinese market will also have a loss. Zuckerberg into hope, sandberg don’t want to come in.

sandberg from Google, Google China the opportunity in China, leave deep impression to her, of course, the big Internet companies in China, facing not only the business risks, and political and moral risk.

but recently began to loose sandberg’s attitude.

a technology summit in June, sandberg had spoken, for Facebook, the potential of the Chinese market has not been excavated. Facebook is still interested in foray into the world’s largest Internet market. Sandberg then said: “we are still in negotiations with the Chinese government, but the final say in their hands.”

the evening of September 10, a new campaign, sandberg did not respond directly to questions about the Facebook in China.

however, sandberg did as follows in the speech of intriguing:


I believe that now is the time to change… China has a very profound social foundation. Parents devoted much effort and money on their kids. Such a country understand the necessity for change – to provide a better environment for future generations.


into China, not in Facebook hand

why Facebook enthusiasm into China?

according to the China Internet network information center of the latest statistics, the number of Chinese Internet users reached 591 million. This is the world’s largest single market, the Internet and Facebook in so large a market do nothing. The risk is very big, the temptation is very big also.

after Facebook, aura have gradually faded. As a listed company, the pursuit of growth is the must.

on the one hand, is working to develop/buy new products, such as buy sets (worthit), copying Snpachat launch Poker (failed), launched Facebook Home (failure) temporarily, give them to add a short video function (some), constantly adding new features on the site: timeline, news aggregation, social graph search,,,,,… At the same time vigorously develop mobile advertising market, expand revenue.

the other aspects you need to develop new customer base. It’s a pity that Facebook is now faced with the total subscriber growth plateaued. After all the world besides China major network market, Facebook has carried on the full development.

where to go looking for a new Internet population? And has her eye on two-thirds of the global population is not yet connected to the Internet in the crowd. Those who has yet to contact the Internet, it is the future of facebook users, let more people to the Internet, in facebook’s long-term interests. As Mr Zuckerberg said in a recent interview that: “the Internet’s ultimate goal is to promote the progress of human, at the same time, we also want to within acceptable for a user, to establish a reasonable profit model.”

relative to develop these difficult “, “not to get to the Internet market, China’s Internet market is more like a piece of land. In recent years, Facebook is not keen, can enter the Chinese market, however, the decision is not Facebook, but in the hands of Chinese regulators. Successful or not, is that sandberg’s emphasis on the word: change.