Facebook, how to have broken your dream open platform (2) – six years of gain and loss

(translation: Chen yu)

above review: above FacebookPlatform’s big idea is introduced, and points out the one of the main cause of the failure of the Facebook platform: changeable rules of the platform and the relation between developers. (hunting cloud network:) this article introduces the platform failure for another reason: mechanical management and win-win system collapse. In addition, it also made clear that, although the Facebook platform failed, but the former social giant at the battle of platform still has great development opportunities.

mechanical management and win-win system collapse

“we know one thing, that is Facebook should launch a variety of new applications quickly. Although we can take six months or even a year to perfectly solve all problems, but we are more willing to quickly launch a first application, and allow more users to use it.”

– mark zuckerberg, Web2.0 summit, San Francisco, October 17, 2007,

to be fair, Facebook platform of inconsistent policies are not for selfish or jealousy. In addition to standard user experience, the leader of the Facebook genes determine their kind of approach is considered to be wavering. As Facebook’s main leadership had been a programmer, so the team filled with a strong “engineering leadership culture”. When they want to solve the problem, as far as possible to rule out the involvement of human factors, and thought it would be more scientific and efficient.

this too rely on mechanization management concept, make the Facebook platform lack of at least “humane” management. Rely on algorithm improvement and can’t achieve the optimization of application quality. Instead, it will only make the Facebook platform becomes more closed, stiffness, let third-party developers to lose the trust.

“I think the Facebook Platform, absolutely need a team of senior figures for application review” did not want to be identified, a former Facebook executives said the Facebook Platform the cause of the failure, in large part because without them into an app store model. He said: “at that time, the management platform is a group of engineers and technicians, although they have the ability to develop products, but on how to set up a payment system or a humanized censorship know nothing”.

not only that, many have been in Facebook’s staff on the platform when the cause of the failure, has pointed out that Facebook without consideration for the interests of developers, not timely for platform of content producers to see real benefits.

actually, these problems have caused a heated debate within the company. Headed by mark is believed that the third party should first painstakingly developed a high quality and sustained popular platform application, then consider for them. However, mark appears to be ignored an important reality: not all developers have huge financial support, can let he freely into creation.

the former Facebook executives noted that Facebook was not well balance the interests of all parties. Because there is no rapid short-term cash, developers will try every means to pressure, to promote their own application. Therefore, it is difficult to ensure there is no “desperate” behavior. As a communication platform between users and developers, Facebook was supposed to give developers more tools and ways, to earn cash cow as soon as possible, but unfortunately, it is a stick to play exactly, disappoint all developers.

, a prominent blogger, entrepreneurs, technical experts Anil Dash (Anil Dash) said: “I guess the mark before building Facebook, have studied the history of the software development industry industry system, so he doesn’t know how will a platform idea profound change in the software industry.” Apple’s iOS platform was a great success, because it not only unprecedented business model, but also because before that apple has, from the Mac OS platform and Microsoft learned enough lessons. He continued: “don’t forget, when the apple App Store, it has the thirty years for learning how to build a good platform.” (anil dash famous former SixApart blog platform, presently for a company called “social” data analysis the company’s CEO)

since founded, the App Store not only has scientific algorithm and the combination of artificial application review mechanism, and it also creates a value chain parties harmony and win-win situation. Apple has taken into system, allows developers to get the most of income (70%).

because of the platform provider and third-party developers to the benign interaction, AppStore has become a steady and rapid development of the ecological system. From all kinds of productivity tools (for example, the company) to the location of the countless applications (for example, Foursquare); From the flowers blooming in IM applications (for example, the Line) to a countless number of mobile games, AppStore brought their reputation and scale of users more weight is also brought huge wealth for developers. (see)

, by contrast, in the Facebook should have rich lush grasslands, only this one only child long out of the game application. In addition to the company for the development of a series of social games, it is hard to find Facebook Platform of any other achievements.

when Facebook $1 billion acquisition of sets a time (cash + equity, the final price of more than 700 million), actually has proved its open platform of broken dream. Mark, by means of capital operation, replaced by a third party could be developed for its application. Behind the gamble, hidden is other business areas slumping awkward situation.

as anil dash puts it: “the application of Facebook has a lot of popular, but so far, it has no a killer applications.” In which point of view, the Facebook platform in a short span of two years later, was in trouble. He recalls: “at that time, and I was still in the Microsoft Ray oz (translator Note: Ray Ozzie, IBM Lotus notes being one of the creators of Bill Gates, has been hailed as the greatest programmer in the universe) talk about Facebook Platform, I asked him,” have you ever seen a got a so-called open Platform, then the Platform developers driven company?” Otzi ridiculous replied: “no, never.” “

iLike the company’s CTO nate Brown (Nat) Brown is more furious, said: “I don’t think it (FacebookPlatform) is an open platform, for now, it seems that it is just an advertising site.”

before and after six years of regret and score

“Facebook in the era of mobile Internet has played an interesting role. Compared to an operating system, we are more like another application.”

– mark zuckerberg, wired, April 4, 2013,

, six years later, the mobile Internet changed the world. Missed opportunities Facebook platform, is no longer leader of the industry. Diverse applications have gradually away from the social eldest brother’s control, and on its own in terms of differentiation beyond the Facebook. Application as a burn after reading, Snapchat daily amount of photo sharing has exceeded 200 million, the company valued at $800 million. Although Facebook again adopted copying strategies, but there is no characteristic feature set, to Poke the app launch soon, will fall out from the AppStore application list.

as Twitter Facebook established competitors, also launched a fist – short video sharing application Vine, and in a very short period of time have been tens of millions of users. Envy of Facebook again played the game rules, cut off the Vine to grab the user data API. Even so, the Vine is not affected by how much.

in addition, in the wave of mobile IM, Facebook did not show any advantage. MessageMe, WhatsApp, KakaoTalk, Kik, WeChat (WeChat), and other applications, not only has a large number of user groups, and through direct contact thin user mobile phones to be obtained, thoroughly get rid of the dependence on the Facebook social networking data. Micro letter in the world’s largest mobile Internet market – China, with over 400 million users, and Line and KakaoTalk etc, also in further and Facebook for the rapid growth of the south Asian market.

today, Facebook wants to be a platform has almost collapsed, once committed to open concept also has long since been lost in the corner. Facebook Platform in the eyes of their executives, regarded as a superposition on the operation Platform such as Android, iOS, the “social layer” (social layer). Ironically, now Facebook is no longer on how many applications are integrated into their own proud of platform, on the contrary, they start for yourself and how many applications for each other and complacent.

now Facebook platform, mainly consists of the following four parts:

Facebook Connect: most applications on the Facebook account authorization, and thus it is glorious to become the most popular logging tools.

, the Open Graph: Open social Graph refers to different application users, can be provided through the use of Facebook Open Graph, easily, content of information to share with each other.

advertising and Payments: advertising and payment platform.

app services: application service means, and provide the SDK for developers, convenient for its application and development.

from the part above, we see not hard, the original version of Facebook’s platform and its 2007 have substaintial distinction. However, in spite of this, we still cannot underestimate its important role. According to Facebook, according to data by the end of last year, Facebook has the fusion with 10 million applications or web site, and relevant for game developers, the income of at least $2 billion. In addition, Facebook also points out that its website monthly game has more than 250 million users, and websites related to game user number is as high as 500 million.

spoke of his former rivals, MySpace co-founder Chris DE Wolf (Chris DeWolfe) said: “Facebook made our website, if you are able to skillfully use reasonably the platform, then you will get great results.” He now runs a social game site, and the company’s annual income has more than $50 million.

in order to provide a complete high quality experience, DE Wolf on the one hand, the flexibility to adapt to the change rules of Facebook, on the other hand, he again on the Facebook platform show great tolerance attitude: “I think that the change of the Facebook is fair, if they don’t do this, then belong to Facebook users are likely to be lost elsewhere.”

Causes (raise a propaganda website Facebook) chief camp MSC James winton (James Windon) pointed out that while Facebook is failure in platform strategy, but it is still a developer to understand and the effective ways to get the user. Causes by mark two friends – Sean Parker (Sean Parker) and Joe Green (Joe Green) jointly developed. As the first application on the Facebook platform, Causes most of the registered users (180 million) there are come from Facebook.

khosla ventures of Mr. Lubbers (Rabois) for FacebookConnect also praise: “it (FacebookConnect) is a masterpiece of engineering. , only those technologies, engineering, design, and the contribution of philosophy and management often won’t be aware of that.”

Facebook’s director of product management, Doug Poole’s (Doug Purdy) said: “the Facebook platform is a multi-billion dollar gold mine, than ever before, we need to face much more diverse development prospects.” , of course, the billions of dollars of revenue mainly comes from the game application of the value-added services, etc.

& poor’s points out that in six years, Facebook platform did some strategy change, after all, for when they open social platform is a strange and vast areas. However, for the platform of vision, Facebook has never changed. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull