Facebook Home market in where? – India!

of Facebook Home the mixed reaction, personally, for a long period of time, this is a very exciting news, there is no positive news in the ecosystem, here are some of my colleagues in the ZDNet some of the title of the article:

Facebook Home : a beautiful Motoblur (MOTOROLA mobile phone solution introduced in 2009. Its characteristic is to strengthen the management, mobile and integration from business functions such as E-mail to social networking activity and usage patterns to help users easily synchronize contacts, messages, photos, message board, E-mail and other information updates, at the same time can also be an update from Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Gmail, and work and personal E-mail information, and these updates automatically pushed to the mobile phone desktop, the user is ready to view the latest content,)

Facebook to launch the application, aiming to make social networks directly to take over the Android home screen, a few years ago failed Motoblur are trying to do the same thing.

– James Kendrick

Phone Home? Facebook Home is a waste of time

as a person who don’t like Facebook, you can be so surprised, I also hate the “Home”, he will make me more don’t like Facebook, which dates back to the mid – 90 – s AOL.

– Ken Hess

(even as an ordinary Facebook user, I found that the home page is intolerable waste of time)


Facebook to Android fragmentation?

do you think Google Android system is now breaking up? This is just a start.

, Jason Perlow

Pachel King support there are privacy issues, “I haven’t found any reason to make it the default startup. I Facebook feed application is full of images, and even a few people I don’t know, I think I need a good friend of mine. The lock screen wallpaper will make the picture appear I was frustrated, so I can only do so, or exit the Facebook or disable Facebook Home .”

I again to complain, but when I think of Indian consumers, I believe that Facebook idea was to put android phone into Facebook phone, so the Indian manufacturers and operators can bring a new set of equipment and marketing tools. The movement of the two parts of the ecosystem tried in the past, the use of special preferential to woo Facebook customer, here are some examples:

Tata Docomo run user login in the absence of any data connection Facebook .

Vodafone launched 100 $ Facebook feature phones.

HTC tried to launch HTC ChaCha a Facebook phone ( HTC ChaCha and also to make the same cooperation, renren.

INQ launch a mobile phone, its target consumers is Facebook users.

in recent years, these companies have seen India Facebook phone will have the market, Facebook Home will also serve as a solid platform to provide these services. Somini Sengupta in the New York times said Facebook in India and Brazil, a large number of users to provide a huge market. Though she may be right, Facebook does not have big promotion in India, carriers and handset makers will be more willing to Facebook as a commercial marketing gimmick.

Forbes Parmy Olson to Facebook Home get optimistic market in India, he pointed out the following:

India is the second largest Android market

in the second half of 2012, the Indian mobile phone market grew 75%

India is Facebook’s third largest user base

she also pointed out, such as Nimbuzz and Whatsapp application would be to stop Facebook Home an important factor, it is easy to understand. Message application software impact on operators, but if Facebook Home page will be operator used as a service sales, it is also a mystery.

India is Facebook Home a good market, not only for company, for the other company is also a good market.