Facebook Home application surging more than 500000 downloads within 10 days

cloud network hunting 4 on 23 ,

the Facebook application is very curious. According to the technology blog TechCrunch report , since 10 the application before landing Google Play platform, currently downloaded just over 50 ten thousand times.

Home Facebook this app to expand the android experience. The application for the first time in the beginning of this month and HTC Firtst exposure at the same time, but in the 4 on 12 before has not been in Google Play. Facebook has pledged to further extend the application of compatibility, compatible with the Home equipment so far only the First , HTC One , One X , as well as the samsung Galaxy S III, Note II .

when Home can only in a few , when running on hardware with Play Store inside of other applications, it is difficult to analyze its audience heat. But if people Facebook new concept is very curious, and have been in for download to try.

Facebook proposed Home is “users, rather than the application”, and this kind of “people-oriented” concept fully embodied in the interaction with the android interface. In use process, we found that the interesting places and many, especially the chat convenient and timely. But less in the Home folder, also does not support small desktop tools, these problems will affect the user experience.

in the face of Home is so hot, Google chairman Eric Schmidt (Eric schmidt) did not believe the Home has the ability to topple Google dominance on the android platform. “Facebook introduction Home to Google Play app store.