Facebook chief executive mark zuckerberg facing a $1.1 billion tax bill

Beijing time on March 30, the facebook IPO (initial public offering) listed transactions to the company’s founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) brought the current valuation of $13 billion in paper wealth, but also brought him about $1.1 billion in tax in 1.1 billion.

a surprising amount of tax from zuckerberg’s action in May last year, he was overweight Facebook stock. On Facebook IPO on the same day, zuckerberg exercised a stock option, a 6 cents per share “surprisingly low” bought 60 million shares of Facebook stock. Although zuckerberg never sell these shares, but the domestic tax agency (IRS) still see it as a stock option when the exercise of ordinary income, to be the stock options are a form of compensation, the same as basic wage.

for zuckerberg, that means alone last year from stock options, tax revenue to reach nearly $2.3 billion. According to the regulation of the us authorities, 2012 federal tax rate is 35%, and California’s top rate is 13.3% (the tax rate is among the highest in the states), that is to say, zuckerberg need according to the overall tax rate of 48.3%. However, the calculation did not consider certain tax credits in the inside, such as last December Mr Zuckerberg to Silicon Valley Community Foundation (Silicon Valley Community Foundation) donated $500 million to fund the tax credits, etc. In addition also does not take into account zuckerberg get any other income last year.

only the federal government and tax authorities, California will know exactly how zuckerberg taxes, what is the number on the calculation of certified public accountants, but according to three California believe zuckerberg payable taxes are likely in 2012 will be more than $1 billion, that number even if it was unusual to billionaire.

“in terms of such a large number, usually is a capital gains tax number, rather than ordinary income.” Tax consultancy Moss Adams LLP offices in silicon valley, a partner at Toby Johnston (Toby Johnston), said his main service object is wealthy clients. Last year, investors pay for capital gains tax rate is far lower than the zuckerberg will have to pay taxes. According to the regulation, in 2012 the federal government’s most high capital gains tax rate of 15%, rose to 23.8% this year (including a Medicare additional taxes).

the domestic tax agency will not comment on individual taxpayers tax returns, but each year, receipts are issued the highest 400 U.S. taxpayers’ comprehensive data. According to the latest available data show that in 2009 the United States declare dutiable goods top 400 taxpayers’ average income of $202 million, the federal income tax returns average of $41 million.

Faceobok spokesman declined to comment on Mr Zuckerberg will be the question of how much to pay the tax to comment.

to pay a huge amount of taxes, zuckerberg has sold part of the stock. During the period of Facebook IPO, he sold 30.2 million shares, the revenue of $1.135 billion. According to Facebook, according to a regulatory filing was zuckerberg’s plans to the income of “a large part of the” for the exercise of stock options related to pay taxes. Meanwhile, zuckerberg also faces another huge tax bill. At present, zuckerberg also owns 60 million has yet to exercise the option, the option expires at the end of 2015. If zuckerberg can exercise the options now, so calculated on Facebook’s current share price, he will receive $1.6 billion in taxable income. Based on the current tax rate calculation, which means that he needs to pay tax of $826 million.

the Treasury will benefit from zuckerberg of pay taxes, the state of California is also like this, the latter will also from thousands of employees will be in the trading of stock options to liquidate a windfall “heaven”. According to the California Legislative Analyst’s Office (Legislative Analyst ‘s Office) of the latest estimate, the state’s tax revenue associated with Facebook IPO is expected to reach about $1.5 billion.

so, even this amount than Latin America island of Grenada (Grenada) annual GDP of huge tax returns, zuckerberg should with what kind of payment method to pay? According to the requirements of California all amount more than $80000 in tax bill must pay electronically; By contrast, the United States the irs will accept any amount of paper checks.

watch so large a number from a bank account in disappear, the sound must be very scary? But looking back, at least, affordable.

translation: tencent technology