Facebook blocked the Path to find friends function

Beijing time on May 5 at noon news, Facebook, has limited social applications Path of API (application programming interface) access to Facebook social graph.

since the end of this week, the Path used have been unable to access Facebook social graph, lead to the Path the user cannot find Facebook friends. Industry insiders speculated that this may be because from the beginning of the last week, the Path used to an invitation to a large number of relevant user contact registration spam, while Facebook has to react on this behavior.

Facebook, said Path users can still use Facebook account password to login, and will be content to share to Facebook. However, the application of “find friends” function has been Facebook, this is similar to Facebook in March to MessageMe block.

the Path of application is regarded as Facebook’s competitors. Facebook did not specify why the prohibited Path access to Facebook social graph. Loading of there information may be one reason, because Facebook would not involved in the site and spam. Facebook’s platform, according to the policy if Facebook decided that an application API is too active, then could block this API access.

the Path had provided a feature that helps users to invite Facebook friends to register the service and download applications, at the same time easily attention had been using the Path of Facebook friends. In 3.0.4 version of the Path, the user will still be able to contact or Gmail contacts to invite friends by mobile phones, but via Facebook invitation options have been unable to use.

if users can’t use Facebook friends invited, the Path of growth will be affected. Last week, the Path of the number of registered users broke through 10 million. However, the user can still via text message or email to invite the most closely relationship between friends. For the Path, the biggest problem is that the user is difficult to list according to Facebook friends to create the Path of social circle, because he could no longer choose part of Facebook friends. If there is no concern with the right person, then the Path will not be too interesting, infrequent users will not use the service.

in order to solve this problem, the Path to join the function through Twitter invited friends. This is also a kind of to invite new users a powerful way. Due to public Twitter messages, Twitter users are difficult to choose the relationship’s closest friends, create a more intimate social network. So compared with Facebook users, Twitter users might be more interested in the Path.


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