Facebook application it wrong cutting quality public apology

Beijing time on August 17, the morning news, according to the technology, blog PCMag reported on Tuesday, Facebook in a wide range of killing the process of malicious programs, error will be part of the developers on the platform of high quality application block. Facebook publicly apologize about the accident.

Facebook software engineer Eugene? Zara g d, Eugene Zarakhovsky) on Thursday in a memo developers to explain it, he said: “the Facebook platform and users often was attacked by malicious programs, therefore, we set a lot of automatic security system to protect our platform and users.”

in attacks by malicious programs, engineers will first analyze the patterns of malicious programs, and then find out all fit with the application of the model, and carry on. Facebook’s phase locked is such operation team on Tuesday. Zara g d, said: “at first we analyze is a relatively wide range of models, and found thousands of models fits a pattern of the malware, however, part of the open group developed many high quality application also accord with the model.”

after found the problem, the team immediately suspended, and efforts to restore the application of manslaughter. Flaws, however, due to system restore process progress is very slow, and make a lot of high quality application and corresponding developer account.

carpool information company RidePost co-founder? Cloth (Ni Bu) in response to apologize when Facebook, said: “thanks to Facebook’s honest. However, something similar happened later, whether Facebook can provide a platform to communicate with the developers? Because when a similar event occurs, we need a channel to quickly get the attention of Facebook and explain.”

in order to prevent such situation from happening again, Facebook decided to upgrade system, improve the detection of malicious program mode tool, and the procedure to be detected more accurate analysis, make sure that all operators in a pattern are malicious programs. In addition, Facebook will try to solve the slow recovery process of loopholes and bottlenecks. However, the company did not solve the problem of developer communication channels.

zara g d said: “we know that such incidents will bring bad impact to your business, we apologize for this. Our team to learn the lesson, the future will work hard to improve the stability of the Facebook platform.”

source: sina science and technology