Facebook acquisition of mobile data analysis company Onavo into application development B2B domain

according to foreign media reports TechCrunch science and technology, Facebook today buy an Israeli startup. It is understood that the company will become a Facebook first office in the country. Although did not disclose further details, but sources analysis of the amount of the acquisition of between $1-200 million.

Onavo was founded in 2010, main business is divided into two parts: one is geared to the needs of consumers, to optimize the iOS and Android devices and application performance and battery life; Another geared to the needs of mobile publishers, for the analysis of its graphic application performance, and comparing with the opponent’s application. It is understood that the company is now a total of $13 million, respectively, from sequoia, Horizons Ventures, MOTOROLA and Magma Venture Partners.

so why Facebook is going to buy a company?

in the first place, in order to strengthen the Facebook application on the mobile end. For a long time, Facebook mobile applications are hoping to build their own mobile business ecosystem. It can look forward to their rapid growth, and become the most important users of social platform. And Onavo related technologies, at the right moment can make Facebook achieve that. The company can provide more depth analysis service for Facebook, let it see the market performance of the application, and constantly optimize the user experience.

second, could make Facebook attract more developers. Last year Facebook acquired valuable for application developers “mobile back-end tool” (including the cloud data storage, mobile development payment instruments, etc.). The acquisition Onavo, analysts believe is Facebook into another major deployment of B2B business.

it is understood that this is not the first Israeli company Facebook acquisition. In 2011, the social networking giant for $70 million will feature phone interface developers into a bag. In June 2012, Facebook spent $5000 to $6000, acquisition of companies face recognition technology.