Eye tracking technology is LG? The samsung Galaxy S4 patent litigation or face

samsung electronics recently launched the Galaxy S4 will face from South Korea LG electronic patent lawsuits. LG electronic said if it is necessary to trace the Galaxy S4 one of the core functions of eye tracking technology is violated the LG , electronic will try our best to deal with this matter.


electronic as early as 2005 s month scrolling “eyeball” for the smartphone camera technology puts forward the application for a patent, the patent has recently in the Patent Office to log in. And the user without watching the smartphone, automatically will pause the Video “intelligent Video (Smart — Video) “related patents have been in the 2009 years by LG electronics by “portable terminal and control method” for the name to submit the application for a patent. LG electronic smart phones “Optimus G Pro “will launch based on the function of the patent.
The samsung claims that they have to put in order and eye recognition technology patents. Samsung electronics relevant personage says, “in the Galaxy S4 carry eye to scrolling technology is the use of samsung’s own technology. But LG electronic retorted: “if the technology is developed by samsung, it should be open patent application name and time.”

actual product release and ruling whether samsung violated the LG patent may need quite a long time. Industry officials said: “for the existence of patent infringement is not judged by the offending company, but with the Patent Office finally decided by the court. If found the patent infringement case, will immediately end sales measures, but judge patent dispute takes a long time.”


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