Explicates the reality tencent video projects: Qingdao tencent prick silk counter attack

hunting cloud network exclusive reported recently, caused strong repercussions in the industry. Hunting cloud network from more than one industry veteran Daniel get more more details about this project.

hangzhou triumph of science and technology co., LTD. (www.91kge.com) was founded in 2009, the company’s main product is the social game “to K song”. In 2010, the game in the form of music used successively and China mobile, renren and kaixin, became known in the industry. 2011 will be “K song rushed into the top ten game tencent open platform. In December, tencent officially announced the investment stake in the company. On the one hand, by the triumph of science and technology company as a game development tasks, on the other hand, shall be borne by the tencent game operation tasks.

the song will be K from a social game, turns into a web game. In January 2012, as China’s first leisure music web game start testing the song will be K. After the tencent in December 2012, the login will be K songs tencent game platform.

in May 2013, the web version of the official public beta will be K songs. That night, on May 10, open beta, Mr Ma, founder of tencent microblogging, said tencent’s first karaoke social game today open beta will K song, video “those embarrassing singing” shoot well. This microblogging has to more than 290 Internet users, thousands of people comment and broadcast.

ma himself out little platform project, it shows that the project’s place in the overall strategy of the ma.

the personage inside course of study says, under the great pressure of tencent game, choose a shareholder is a good choice for small game company. Now the game has made good result, now tencent will also record this reality video layout, re-enacting is realized. “Tencent is famous for its copy, if tencent after a game, it is best to choose cooperation. If you refuse to tencent, with strong r&d capability, tencent is copying a game also is just a minute.”