Experience GEAK cloud evaluation hunting 】 【 smart watches avant-garde sense of science and technology

as early as more than a decade ago, the prototype of the wear watches have appeared in foreign countries, but subject to the technical conditions, cost, and the influence of network environment, these devices have not been able to really into the mass market. Today, companies such as Google, apple, samsung and Microsoft have entered into the market competition.

as a domestic focus geek innovation shells electronic eye is accurate, the first a few months ago released a self-developed Geak smart watches, smart watches to upsurge in the country.

today, hunting cloud network by shanda shells electronic product geak smart watches.

Geak smart watches the gentleman is JZ4775 1 GHZ CPU MIPS architecture, this CPU is said to be in today’s international comprehensive functionality, performance, energy consumption in 32 bit CPU than at the top. 4 gb 512 MB RAM ROM storage. 240 x 240 resolution 1.55 inch LED screen, multipoint capacitive OGS touch screen, the Android 4.1 system, support WiFi, bluetooth 4.0.

out of the article

“a look forward to the two hundred revolution” Geak watch packaging printing a Geak watch slogan. The outer packing is a simple yet sealing side of the paper, combined with a paper cover.

the outer packing, show is a delicate black leather box, box looks like a magnified version of the ring. Very delicate, but want this stuff is not cheap.

open the box, smart watches is unveiled. Box open way like ordinary jewelry boxes, built-in spring, can be directly to pry. Built-in packages have artificial leather outer fixed cushion inside. For such a big box, smart watches with data line of the position is very small. Is the marquee, think about the price again, as you can see, gear watch target population is not I prick silk.

cushion can take out, put the bottom have instructions, warranty certificate.


Geak watch outside the play chamber and two function buttons. As the return key, a multifunction button. Strap for rubber material, easy to dust contamination.

Geak watch the headphone jack and data interface, reduces data interface, for Geak watch save a lot of space, but at the same time make the headphone with control key can’t normal use. But on the data transmission speed is not slow, shanda is pretty serious. Data interface on the side of the holes for the mic.

boot screen. Long press boot at the bottom of the back, boot screen appears only geak, very lean.

round hole plug cable, Geak watch see

watch carefully, you’ll find one of screen bad points, not your computer screen.

if the Geak watch strap off to watch, we will find that Geak watch is simply remove the home button, shrinking deformation version of the iphone 4. Metal frame, a similar glass reflective resin back, really has not been spared from the palm of apple design.

this design also appeared on the SONY SmartWatch, only with a SONY SONY logo, virtual buttons on both sides with prominent strap connection module to “go out”. And Geak watch clearly don’t have much burden, will his brow and chin completely stripped directly, will more space to the screen, with the two physical key instead of the virtual keys, compared with the SONY SmartWatch more simple some. At the same time also has a crystal embellish, sense of science and technology.

however, ordinary digital watch strap with the combination of the fuselage, let this sense of science and technology, crystal embellish feeling also reduces the few class. This happened to mix is not appropriate. At the same time, there are only two physical buttons Geak watch, how to operate? On such a small screen, touch screen clearly not good play, the traditional watch chic function keys have been love table people fall in love.

Geak watch should do android system adaptation, the combination of hardware. To join the new operating mode, means need to change more android the underlying code, their collection database. The hardware and software integration problem obviously as the Internet company shanda lacks.

but in cloud network hunting experience: operation more clever, more novel, more function button operation, will is the only way to lay more smart watch market.

in a sense, smart watches in watches is essentially a men and women and decorations. However Geak watch on appearance design, it is a gathering of effeminate fuselage, the border around the manly, childish strap and so on element of “beauty” products. There are not male not female, not a bit old. There is no uniform design soul.

overall, smart watches have so several elements on exterior design: screen, frame (or body), buttons, strap. While Geak watch clearly on the several elements get a passing grade.

the delicate and gorgeous screen is the biggest bright spot, smart watches and Geak watch will screen and be in harmony of the fuselage, in streamlining the process at the same time, also hides the aesthetic feeling of the screen, at the same time also appears procrastination and bloated.

borders exist to foil the screen, combined with the fuselage different border will bring different metaphor and beauty, on the fuselage with border, Geak watch without too much defects.

and exquisite button brings the man-machine operation of pleasure and beauty industry, Geak watch the physical buttons on the functional characteristics, on the appearance design is in order to hide.

strap on the smart watch appears to be more independent, correspond with the smart phone holster, and show a sense of the simple sense of material and craft, the sculpture, hollow out, knitting, linking technology feeling is great variety, for smart watches in art style more imagination space. SONY SmartWatch wise support in the beginning and provide a variety of strap. And believe in change of cortex or creative ornamental engraving strap Geak watch, will extend more market space.

from the aspects of appearance, Geak watch is still a research trial and error, nut shell smart watch on many hardware design, obviously is a assemble of existing hardware technology, the place of innovation is not much.

system operation

after the boot desktop clock plug-in for simulation, long press the screen you can choose the style of the analog clock, parts can display the weather forecast AQI air quality index.

at the bottom of the main screen click on the return key, direct black screen, click again will light up the screen, light up the screen process is slow.

lock screen here seem to be very useless, or graphics to unlock password to unlock in such a narrow space on the screen can’t stretch, Geak watch choose him from the bottom of the system cut off is the right thing to do.

desktop operating:

Geak watch desktop in general is a function of the desktop, in the main interface, slide up and down or so, will show different commonly used function of the plugin, but castrate the function of third-party plug-ins, for at this stage is not yet a third party application adaptation, adaptation and smart phones, tablet all become garbled, plug-ins in the non operation value. The slide to the right of the function of the pedometer plug-in, described in detail below, there is no display.

in the second row in the analog clock plug-in based interface to do show:

slide to the left is the built-in headlines from big family, and then slide to the left is a personal assistant (as shown in figure below the headlines in the interface), voice memos in input cheat will show, read here. The memo and schedule a is not operating.

in the middle of the main interface screen sliding down, was seen as shown in figure above the main interface of the interface. The action just repeat again appeared in the interface on the left side of the weather add world clock interface, this interface into analog clock after add world clock, slide show add clock interface and all around the world clock, long press to delete the world clock, and can choose delete.

slide down from the top screen, is the collection notice, Settings, clean up button and a suit of interface, the setup subsystem is set and the current application Settings. This design is very practical.

the hunting cloud network test, the current application Settings function, besides the clock and a pedometer plugin can temporarily cannot use other applications. Application after clean up button also must point in the clean up, and only all clean. Looking forward to the nut the next step to further refine this function.

from the main interface slip up, is the feudal superstition and the like, of a superstition is the east and western superstition is to draw down.

double refers to knead, all desktop preview interface. In each position of the interface, the adjustable android 4.1 original function, operation and the mobile version of no difference. This feature is extremely easy to wrong operation, it seems just to prove that he is a multi-touch screen. Cloud network hunting only accidental success in repeated tests, hope the nut in the next to optimize as early as possible.

in the bottom of the digital clock, appeared after notification bar click on the clock Settings interface, can set the clock, the weather in detail.

clock Settings:

long according to the main interface, then jump out of the analog clock plug-in interface style choice, sliding around can choose different types of simulation clock. Part of the analog clock with the weather and air quality index apis.

down from the top of the screen, click on the clock Settings, appeared the clock plug-in all Settings interface, including the selection of model of clock and digital clock, digital clock Beijing’s replacement, the choice of the city weather and time of the details. As shown.

desktop other parts:

from the main industry facing right sliding, in turn, is a pedometer plug-in, inbox plugin, and all the program interface, when installing a new application, the application will be automatically reload increase a screen for display.

the after remote camera is connected to the smart devices, through smart watches the smartphone camera control, shooting.

function keys: Geak upper watch the physical key for the key. In Geak push down this button, the watch any interface will appear as shown in the second line in the middle of the interface. Click through to a program or function.

cloud network to make fun of hunting is: the calculator here because the screen is too small, can’t normal operation, put him on the function keys, as a placeholder. Hope that the next version of the shells system optimization, can replace more use of functions.

system details

detailed graphic notification bar function. Set the function of castration off security and location of function, other functions in the mobile phone version of android 4.1, all have here. Geak watch GPS functions are realized through the smartphone.

about system:

cloud network to the hunting Geak version for GWS4.1041 watch system, after the first use, connect the wifi update software, android default ban installation is not downloaded from application of this equipment in the market, at this time have to be set in the system Settings, operation mode and other android devices, but more about here. In this, we can also see, Geak watch system default this device for tablets, I don’t know calculating do not calculate a small bug.

open the system update, there is a new system upgrade, in the case of connect wifi, can be directly click upgrade to the OTA upgrade. Also can connect the computer, from the nut’s official website to download the nut assistant, upgrade.

function introduction


find pedometer interface, you can use the first click on Settings, also can side with computer and mobile phone set. As shown. Pedometer features in the android mobile phones with apple, there are many similar app, there is no too much on using bright spot. But has further integration of the pedometer, make its can be operated by other clients.

hand machine networking:

this is Geak watch features that allow multiple Geak watch between each other through the bluetooth connection, create chat rooms, voice, text and graffiti communication. Operation, set mode as shown in detail. But since there is only one Geak watch, this function can’t test.

and the same, and in reality there are a few similar people would buy such a device at the same time, to play such a function? The interpretation of the shells is for travelers. This is Geak watch a positioning? But one thousand future staffing a smart watches, this feature is a bright spot.

music playback:

music playback function the same as the native android 4.1 system, operation mode, too, can play the music file within the smart watch directly. Now don’t support play music in the smart phone.

can put outside, also can be inserted through the data interface headphones, due to implant the function of data interface, with a wire control headphones can’t fit. Using normal headphones, when listening, sound good volume.

in the case of listening to music, open the pedometer, an hour to 100% of the battery and the remaining 90%.

in daily wear when used in combination with headphones to listen to music, appear more convenient than a smart phone, for play handsome, beautiful people, in the hand, and arm the headset thread that appear distinctive flavour, very stylish.