Exclusive: the message from tencent internal Q + not death continues

hunting cloud network news on March 5,

there are rumours that tencent Q + project recently has stopped completely, tencent official did not comment. Hunting cloud network obtained from tencent insider news, according to two points:

1, Q + application to open platform.

2, Q + desktop at present is still in development.

there are two development lines.

1, tencent platform derived app will be dominated by open platform
2, tencent of the SDK packages in the app to another team to do it.

however, according to news from tencent insiders, tencent internal also think Q + has been much development prospects.

on July 16, 2011, tencent announced the QQ client open, and introduced the App Store model of Q + open platform, tencent QQ through the client application button to open the Q +, forming a system of local OS. Website, according to Q + its products including Q + desktop client, the Web version of Q + and Q + wallpaper.