Exclusive: suning electric shell, head of jingdong hiring ghostwriters smear

Su Ningyi bought a cow head li bin today! He thundered against jingdong in weibo use paint Su Ningyi purchase large quantities of water army.

“this two days of dozens of large happen to coincide posted a post” the secret of the cash flow, by coincidence? To know the truth after I the last straw: 1, content, I also turn, if someone has black suning to judge! 2, weibo marketing doorway I not much said, if you want to know, is! 3, have a “su ning headquarters” last year, this year turned black su ning headquarters? What do you want to do!”

it is clear that li bin directed at jingdong.

cloud network connection li bin, hunting by cloud network hunting time for its release weibo, li bin did not comment. Jingdong nor public response.

the personage inside course of study says, jingdong and suning in electricity price war “has been languishing”, the future of both sides of the competition will heat up. “Benign competition is conducive to the healthy development of the industry, if developed to discredit is regrettable.”

denied jingdong xu tripterygium wilfordii, head of the open market “suit electricity YY again, true TMD idle egg pain, marcom colleagues busy pop meeting, if it weren’t for vacation I’ll pull.”

Li Binwei Po mentioned in the article “the secret of the cash flow” cloud network published as follows, hunting for readers to refer to the following:

I believe that through my vivid analysis, you will have for suning, gome, jingdong to the understanding of the three points. Not I boast, I this article worth at least 1000 dollars, because long-term done business, know the key, and reading the news everyday only know outfit B guy completely different! No one is using such a vivid language, clear so important question!

cash flow, know how important it is to do business?

the previous I have already said, gome, suning (hereinafter referred to as the United States and the Soviet union) don’t make money selling home appliance, or only to earn money. Someone may ask: “then why did they drive so many shop? Even low price sale?” At this time, journalists and pack B will tell you: they want to expand the scale, its competitors, scale advantage by industry profits. Now don’t earn money, earn less it doesn’t matter ah, beat his opponent, not can earn big money in the future?

I tell you: this is bullshit! Their purpose is to obtain cash flow!

cash flow is so important? Yes, because the United States and the Soviet union is to rely on cash flow of capital operation to make money.

, for example: if I give you 10000 every day (note is to every day), asked you 3 months after I still 10000 (note is also every day), you a year’s cash flow is 3.65 million. Did you make money? No. But smart already see it, your hand always have three months money, which is 900000. In theory, this 90 Wan Yongyuan on your hands, right? So you can earn interest on deposit? 900000 yuan you save for a long time, the interest each year there are tens of thousands? So as long as the work properly, the cash flow itself, can generate profits!

the rule is simple, right?

the United States and the Soviet union, assuming a year 10 billion revenue, delay three months reimbursement, the hand is 2.5 billion cash flow! The delay of six months reimbursement, hand is 5 billion! Assuming that crazy store cash flow, a year 20 billion revenue, delay three months reimbursement, hand is 5 billion, six months of delay, is 10 billion!

the United States and the Soviet union and the money will save bank? Hey hey, before 2007 s, China’s economic development, large inflation in the real estate s crazy prices, with so much money to real estate, capital operation, is not a fool? Take a piece of ground to build a building, house prices rose after a few years a few times, you say how much? Besides the United States and the Soviet union to earn money with real estate and capital operation, the Banks would beg for their loans, they take a bank of cheap money, can make more money!

so, home appliance chain, only the means of the United States and the Soviet union to obtain cash flow! Selling home appliances can only earned a little, even if lose points a nothing important also, and can earn much more profit in other places! But the premise is: cash flow must be enough!

this is the root cause of the open stores the United States and the Soviet union are crazy!

so, analysis of su ning (and there is a huge cash flow of the enterprise) shares, absolutely can’t only look at home appliance itself! Some institutions and B idiot, still on the analysis of su ning sales, gross margin, and on the basis of confidence one hundred times, retail investors are also look forward to the growth of suning, the judges look ridiculous as hell!

so the United States and the Soviet union now?

we have to hand from cash inflows: gree, early models before goods, suning not cheap, so su ning is not willing to sell gree. Gome and gree falling out because of the price problem. But after 2000, especially after 2005, haier, hisense, skyworth, a growing number of home appliance manufacturers requirements after the first paragraph, or a week, do you pay half a month at most. So the United States and the Soviet union of cash flow. Such as suning and gome’s sales were $110 billion in 2011, more than ten years ago, if it’s loose environment, you can tie up vendor three months or half a year’s money, the United States and the Soviet union’s hands have 27.5 billion yuan or 27.5 billion yuan. And now can only take up half a month, his cash into 4.6 billion!

from tens of billions to the 4.6 billion, how many gross project, how many projects, the losses of much-needed cash for cash flow and above the water? So when I heard su ning after selling 4.7 billion again want to borrow 8 billion, I breath in a gasp. Suning keep raising, not pack B said “make electronic business, expand logistics”. And gome is fifty percent land in these days, sell of gome’s agent to hna group, to 5 billion yuan, is far less than 10 billion yuan in 2009. Obviously, gome is also a lack of cash flow had to do it.

gome and suning, there are a large number of real estate project value has been greatly reduced. In 2007, the Chinese economy overall is good, the United States and the Soviet union, after all, has many years of accumulation, a sinecure and bank loans, also can continue to maintain. But in recent years China’s economic situation has no improvement, bank is more and more tight, the United States and the Soviet union will be more and more money. Know how serious their situation now?

well, then analyze the current business environment the United States and the Soviet union, to see how their future:

the United States and the Soviet union was not possible to take the past, crazy crazy tie up cash shop expansion of cash flow, cash flow again on capital operation of the business model. First of all, payment in cash flow. Second, shop has enough, and e-commerce development. Jingdong impact, both the United States and the Soviet union’s profit, but also cash flow! Third, the United States and the Soviet union limited cash flow is not likely to have so many good projects in the past, because of China’s overall economic slowdown, the grim situation of commercial real estate, so the United States and the Soviet union will have how much profit? Fourth, somehow also earned a little chain in the past, now under the impact of the electronic commerce is certainly lose money, but also to pay more and more. But it isn’t hot yam, close the shop is equivalent to cut a piece of meat ah, everything to lose money!

all in all, more cash flow nervous, profits have reduced or even losses, this is the situation facing the United States and the Soviet union. By e-commerce? Only a temporary cash flow, and short to medium term may not make money!

as a result, the United States and the Soviet union in the past a day of extensive management has completely passed. Their situation is quite difficult. In order to make up the cash flow, only to expand online sales (it is also a direction of social development, of course). So the traditional home appliance enterprises and jingdong, in order to plunder the cash flow is very important to them, just fight so joyous! I even doubt that su ning in the past years of account table is false, the purpose is to increase profits, to expand the market, because the market expanded to continue financing, continue to make capital operation and real estate, to continue to be “virtuous circle”. But now everyone after several years of austerity, and seem to be running, so in the past who made the biggest, the faster the hole now will dew!

you see? Only doing business, such as I understand the importance of cash flow, and a man of luxury, willing to write, can vividly to tell everyone about the truth! All done business, understand what I mean, and what I say is not profound. Is nothing more than I’ve ever done, and will only B guy didn’t do it, so can only rely on outfit B to conceal their ignorance.

in theory, if we have the cash flow, the losses are relationship! Such as an enterprise cash flow of 10 billion a year, loss of 10 million every year. It operates hundreds of years is no problem, because ten years to 100 million, 100 to 1 billion, as long as the cash flow continuously, a little delay for a few days or months reimbursement, who knows what it is made is to compensate. So how much cash flow know? As long as there is loss of enterprise cash flow, can wait fortunes; And profitable enterprises did not have the cash flow, immediately to die!

I use this theory to analyze the jingdong. As long as jingdong increasing cash flow, losing a little money a year? He could rely on long-term support cash flow! Total analysis jingdong profits so brainwashed, thought jingdong lost hundreds of millions of billions each year, melts the endowment can’t hold on to his affirmation, fantasizing about it in a few years. I am not jingdong fans, I just came from cash flow analysis: if the jingdong annual revenues are increasing dramatically (years increased by more than 50%, the current goal easily), then hand cash can cope with losses and delayed payments. For example, suppose that jingdong 36 billion revenue this year, 2 billion, deferred payment for a month, then the jingdong to hand more money instead of at the end of 1 billion. Payables (3 billion, 2 billion loss). Assuming dongying next year, Beijing, 54 billion, and 2 billion, but the hand will only reduce by the end of 500 million (4.5 billion accounts payable, 2 billion loss reduction, then pay off last year left 3 billion accounts payable). So as long as the more and more revenue, jingdong and losses are not significantly increase, jingdong money enough to use for many years.

so, jingdong, suning, gome, the surface is a battle for market share, profits, but from a financial perspective, the more pressing reason, is the war of cash flow. Whose cash flows are aborted, whose shorts immediately stripped down! So now who is the most urgent? Apparently Sue beauty, ha ha. All cut meat land sales, continuous financing, cash flow can not hurry? So Sue beauty only by bullying jingdong attract eyeball, and jingdong, will, of course, fought back.

so on the surface, the battle of electricity seems to be a farce. But insiders are understand the truth inside. Liu is very understand, the near east, Mr Huang, also very understand. But, B don’t understand, the general retail investors still bullish on su ning, also don’t understand. They thought that liu bluffing, barking dogs seldom bite. But is really bluff, bully is always coward, suning.

the lack of cash flow, as was caught the second melee combat. You don’t want to be caught dick? Then make sure your cash flow. Otherwise couldn’t make more power, also can not stay long, ha ha.

actually I don’t want to analyze suning, because a company treasures outside its, defeat garrulous among them nothing to analysis. But, after all, suning rapid development for more than ten years, and especially the listed in 2004 to 2010, after price up to 1366 yuan, up more than 40 times, therefore attracted a lot of people’s attention, especially numerous retail obsessed with them, let me rub a sigh! Actually, I am in a long term bullish on suning’s blog has repeatedly attacked blogger, said su ning a lot of problems, but he is good at B, is good at say seemingly deep in gentle tone, in fact not withstand scrutiny argument! This style is easy to confuse the novice of B, let new die all don’t know how to die, and he is no responsibility. He also said: “(su) who couldn’t enter into a dime relationship with me. Life and death by the life rich in days, haven’t grow up to take responsibility for their own choice, dead also won’t someone buried.”

so responsible bloggers I met for the first time. Blog, of course, he also said his territory, he wants to say what you like. The problem is why do you blog? Hope to communicate with others, of course, hope the other people see, otherwise I got diary, what open Po! Blogging, responsible! Man can make mistakes, but admit, not B. My level is not high also, often make mistakes, to su ning, could also be wrong. So in my opinion, you also need to be carefully analyzed.

of course, the blogger said is not wrong, everyone has to take responsibility for their own investment. But what he did is right? I give you an example: if a group of liars, they didn’t steal your stuff, just say something good, very good, particularly cheap, value 2000 yuan, now only sell 1000 or even 500, too cheap! Have to pay, you look so good, also follow to buy, and later found cheated, you haven’t words! Because someone didn’t rob you, no cheat you say “buy buy”, everything is you voluntarily!

the human nature, all have weaknesses! B guy, has a great damage to the novice! So I didn’t attack him. It’s a pity that continue to pack B B, still a lot of wrong-headed. I just do a Yuan Chonghuan, simple talk about su ning.

suning’s fortune in the 90 s, it should be said that nanjing air conditioning war in 1992, suning against state-owned eight big stores, fame! After on credit growth. In the 90 s, our country economy overall good, credit, gome, suning is developed at that time, it should be said that a hero is known in the time of misfortune.

but do home appliance chain is not to earn money! Although on the surface of scenery, home appliance sales do not make money! In 1993 after the industry price wars, manufacturers don’t make money, chain is not to earn money as well!

but chain can control money, rely on vendors to make money! So gome su ning by pressure goods shop, to suck the blood of manufacturers!

gome suning real success stories, is China’s real estate market start! Gome eagle investment, su ning also heavily invest in commercial real estate, is the 2000 years after the real estate development, let gome su ning made big money, plus listed financing, both to further development! The so-called business, that is, home appliance chain, economic good times can earn, but and profit of real estate is a drizzle! And poor economic don’t earn money at all!

so, suning investment friend must be clear: what do you want to rely on it to make money? Home appliance chain? The electronic commerce? Commercial real estate?

must want to know, don’t get it on the surface of a reputation received! Don’t get it on the surface of the imposing manner received! If you want to know or buy, and prove me wrong, that I congratulate you!

in my opinion, the electronic commerce the impact on the home appliance chain is deadly, even if the jingdong fall, still have other stores impact! So the tradition of gome, suning chain pattern is obsolete! This, of course, I believe that both should also be aware of that. Thousands of stores, but each is financing of where you can cut off so quickly? You need to know to cut a shop at what cost? nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull