Exclusive: sina mobile IM micron exposure The main group chat

hunting cloud network learned from close to sina exclusive high-level executives that sina had been in the process of mobile social applications has a low profile. Sina cixin mobile IM entitled microns, main group chat. Invested by sina, the executives said hangzhou cool leap of science and technology research and development.

after hunting cloud network coverage, sina CEO Charles chao said in foreign media interview, new social media, is more of a focus on the interest groups, can be added for weibo, “this kind of product will have a chat, news feeds and pictures, and other functions.”

in the interview, Mr. Chao said is trying to attract more users in the small city in China. At present, the sina news portal, and sina weibo is still severe depends on the large city of white-collar users, the user population is seen as valuable audience, advertising their contribution income in sina revenue accounted for the majority of share, but, after all, the number is limited. “For now, the small city is a source of growth, and we need to get those users.” Charles chao said.

the people close to the executives to cloud network exclusive hunting, sina this social application named “micro”, has a low profile, in apple’s app store has been available for download.

“micron is not developed by sina’s headquarters, but by the hangzhou cool yue technology co., LTD., a research and development, the company should be driven by sina investment or acquisition, it is said that the original general manager of sina weibo Peng Shaobin is responsible for this matter.”

cloud network log on apple’s app store, hunting found micron is available for download. Developers shows Hangzhou Kuyue Tech Co., Ltd.

as chao, in micron’s official introduction, cloud network hunting small make up to see the application main groups.

micron official introduction: a new social group application, can be found around a group of like-minded friends, make your life more wonderful.

1. Dynamic: dynamic share group, group proprietary share platform, can be foreign display window;
2. Found: found around public groups, know more TA;
3. Group chat: group public channel, to establish the private chat channels, with your team to support the information such as voice, text, the geographical position;
4. Contact: synchronous mobile phone address book and weibo friends, will be your friend “the gang”;
5. “Whisper” secret language: a variety of sweetness, burn after reading, group sending code time 24 hours to see photos, 3 seconds burn after reading;

usage scenarios:
Friends, let you find here are no longer interested in a friend but a group of! Drink and all kinds of embarrassing as old friends party, in the same group code exposure, not only to ta! Who says in a foreign land will be here? Micron villagers groups, let a person’s lonely a carnival of a group of people! Society is not attention to? Establish a micron group, let “a chance” friend found around to join us!

the personage inside course of study says, have a hangzhou company research and development and low micron or in order to “stealth”, to avoid WeChat sight, waiting for the time is right, sina accumulates promotion. “Micro main groups is also in order to avoid confrontation and micro letter.”

micron online that means sina will adjust tencent WeChat directly in the field. And netease recently published letter, it will be two domestic established Internet giant to encirclement and suppression micro letter.