Exclusive: sina jointly to Carla, push the mobile phone card

a few days before the hunting cloud network in the industry first reported sina low-key private pay a mobile terminal equipment. Today, cloud network hunting learned from official that sina pushed to Carla, mobile phone card slot. People familiar with the matter told the hunting cloud network, the device is expected to launch in September.

20 afternoon la cara through official weibo said that sina mobile phone charge is big eyes pull by Carla provide hardware and software support. Weibo wallet forward confirmed this cooperation.

as a result, on sina PK, kara, mobile phone charge fields such as speculation was negative. But for this cooperation involves the range of products, such as form, pull Carla did not reveal too much.

hunting cloud network received people familiar with the fact, according to the credit card machine product may be on sale in September or so in advance, and price will be lower than Mr Kara existing credit card products.

in the previous report, hunting cloud network, points out that industry executives to hunt cloud network, said sina weibo in the future besides charge advertisement cost and customer value, social electricity will become a new growth point of income. As an important part of electrical business links, sina launched payment belong to follow.

“besides weibo wallet, in the service of weibo electricity will also be new tenpay important factor. But I don’t think a short period of time the new tenpay outward expansion, mainly serving the microblogging platform “the executive said.

in the forthcoming sina news of mobile phone card, hunting cloud network readers comment on that, sina mobile phone card, not their own independent do lists for two reasons.

1, the current focus is sina just live in the home, the son of weibo raised, enable him to stand on. Although pay is basic services, but if you want to do, requires a great deal of energy. In our country financial regulation strict conditions, can not be so sit the rockets appear square payment enterprises. You need to talk to each big bank, ChuZhang institutions cooperation, build path, need to develop all kinds of characteristic service on basic pay function, also need to face to all kinds of possible financial risks. This matter, pay treasure for 10 years, choi tenpay for 8 years, Carla for 8 years, after eight years as quick…

2, mobile phone card for individuals in this area, have been Carla accounted for more than 9 into. If sina is pure want to solve the problem of “money”, to spend huge effort into the oligopoly market, it is not wise, will only be called a follower.

although officials say is a limited edition, but the personage inside course of study points out, sina on Carla’s channel, there are still operational space. In this sense, mobile phone card means sina formally enter the field of mobile payment.