Exclusive: PPTV sohu deuce mystery buyer in marriage

(editor: qing nan)

around who sell the PPTV dissension has been for months, successively from sohu ali etc. Discuss the mergers and acquisitions, but as of today has not yet been finalised, news also let the readers called “news” menstruation.

but to say this part below, we really want to have a note. Because eventually win PPTV not sohu, nor ali, but a new big buyers.

cloud network hunting is just from a source close to the core deal, people familiar with the place to get the news, but the people refused to disclose the buyer company name, only stressed that the company listed on the domestic native, and absolutely is the giant of the field.

if according to The Times, has been rife that sohu, ali and Su Ningjun excluded. But given the range is too large, the company that accords with afore-mentioned conditions, xiao yun is really can’t think of is the buyer which is it. Almost certainly, the company wants to expand online business. Readers can also help xiao yun, the scope to a minimum.

the people revealed that the counterparty has recently signed a preliminary agreement, has entered the due diligence process. If no accident, 8 month should be officially announced.

but so far, it is not clear is the secretive company buy-out or majority holding. Do yesterday, there are news that ali in PPTV negotiations have been coming to an end. If both are true, becomes a few companies jointly buy PPTV trading.

zhang comments suggest that sohu have withdrawn from

in May this year, zhang has publicly said sohu video will achieve business growth through mergers and acquisitions. There were many news shows that sohu PPTV is in talks to m&a. But two months later, his tone in the inversion.

in yesterday’s sohu results communication during the meeting, zhang said publicly that it do not believe in m&a, cautious about all sorts of mergers and acquisitions within the industry now. Mergers and acquisitions, he said, and is not perfect, the result of the integration are many unsuccessful cases. In addition, the sohu current share price is low, leading to sohu can’t use the stock, can only use cash to do industry mergers and acquisitions, limits the sohu in m&a strategy.

just a few days ago, zhang also to sohu video management team has adjusted, personally headed as acting CEO, suggesting that should strengthen their own ability, with the determination of the video business.

attitude conversion between, situational or already clear, is that sohu video PPTV trade talks has pulled out of the m&a.