Exclusive: millet only canvas shoes intelligence or legends

hunting cloud network message on March 18,

some industry news recently said, millet will launch a smart shoes.

Google smart shoes

reported Li Wanjiang millet technology vice President, said the launch of the smart shoes will be one of millet, the future smart shoes, put on millet and millet mobile phone together, not only can measure the route, can also detect the heart rate, etc., of running the millet will continue to consistent high performance characteristics. Li Wanjiang also reiterate, millet mobile phone is still the most important thing in millet hardware product line, like millet box, smart shoes will also be an extension of millet product chain.

the authorities with the situation told hunting cloud network, millet technology currently only canvas shoes, and no specific plan launched smart shoes, shoes on intelligence, millet is a vision and imagination. Therefore millet do smart shoes misreading of pure belong to the outside world.

“Google plans of some products is affecting the industry for millet company’s judgment, but millet really no plan launched smart shoes.” The person said.

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