Exclusive: jingdong full stop using tencent RTX play cattle at Yi Xun hills

familiar with jingdong executives told hunting cloud network, recently, jingdong internal fully stopped tencent tencent RTX, corporate communications software to switch to Microsoft Lync. , according to people familiar with the jingdong to information security considerations, carefully to prevent confidential information leakage. A jingdong to hunt cloud network confirmed the news is true, but not willing to reveal more details.

apparently, jingdong is another action behind the meaning. Jingdong to the hills with beef.

cloud network used to hunt in the report pointed out that its Yi Xun ferocious, already into the heart of jingdong.

last December Yi Xun mass marketing campaign has been launched in Beijing. Earlier, Yi Xun network in Beijing to open its first “service entity shop”.

Yi Xun network to quickly get recognition in Beijing area on a subway advertising, advertising Yi Xun selling point is at a low price and fast delivery (enhance) a day. On which is the biggest killer also Yi Xun jingdong proud of the fast delivery, jingdong can proudly say logistics experience is very good, but in front of new rivals Yi Xun, at least in Beijing market, jingdong logistics no advantage.

about the experience of logistics competition, including the history origin.

in 2007, Yi Xun network in the industry take the lead in put out two to send for a day “service, the first choice of service pilot in Shanghai. This service for its good reputation.

then, jingdong mall began to follow up “one, two” Yi Xun network first and continue to do it again “of a day. Perhaps from the service on the differentiation of taste, this Yi Xun enhance service ads touting 1, prove Yi Xun net extended this strategy to Beijing.

there are backed by tencent, Yi Xun won a large sum of money and flow support, has huge potential. Jingdong one more strong rivals, and BuGuang “furious”.

jingdong proudly announced last year to enter the financial business, BuGuang together without mercy, shelling jingdong.

“the rule is simple, today you (jingdong) pressure upstream suppliers, one month, two months or three months of payment days, you (jingdong) and loans to others, it’s not strange? As said today, I’m sorry, I get your phone, you said the phone back to me, I said ok, you give me 500 dollars.”

BuGuang qi said, to really do a good job in supply chain finance, need to reduce the cost of capital in the field of circulation, and jingdong the trick now is to use its own strength, for small businesses FangZhang give jingdong, and then to the small business loans, it will eat small businesses profit more part, not a win-win mentality.

BuGuang qi truth jingdong exploitation suppliers, the knife knife cut in the heart of liu.

although jingdong foreign claims that cash-rich for many times, but the outside capital chain of jingdong much speculation, full moon in the water of jingdong needs to maintain a high level of mystery.

the competition of modern enterprise competition has evolved into a three-dimensional, jingdong beware of tencent, intended to guard against its Yi Xun.

jingdong VS bligh Yi Xun

two-horse race, the current situation.

1, Yi Xun in east China, south China has a considerable market penetration, especially in the Shanghai market, is a standard form of dominance. The focus will be the development of north China area. Jingdong by Beijing warehouse, radiation throughout the country.

2, jingdong behind rely on venture capital operation, and Yi Xun net is tencent holdings, in addition to tencent’s funding, there are plenty of online resources of tencent as a logistics.

3, jingdong came under pressure from the public, despite the huge financing, but out of the capital chain tension, Yi Xun operating environment is more stable than.

4, according to iresearch, according to data from the survey Yi Xun net sales of 2.37 billion yuan in 2011, only one over ten jingdong, but have great potential for development.

5, Yi Xun service more innovative, jingdong face big future innovation.

6, jingdong has hold large deal high voltage testing, Yi Xun this aspect is not mature.

7, Yi Xun attacks jingdong stronghold, jingdong is defensive side, Yi Xun is offensive side, from the perspective of business on the latter. Electricity and high-profile jingdong made many “siege”, strategy of unfavourable situation.

8, the impression of business leaders for the industry: liu, BuGuang pragmatic.