Exclusive: a proposal was too self near east six proposals pr draft exposure

three-term zhang near east su ning, chairman of the CPPCC national committee submitted this year involving electronic commerce regulation, foreign investment, personal information protection and electronic government affairs and logistics proposal. Which he suggested that the protocol control of merger and acquisition behavior, will VIE (protocol control) into the regulatory, trigger a strong focus in the industry.

the personage inside course of study, including many executives said to zhang near east electrical business proposal very unhappy and confused, weibo’s comments into a one-sided. The personage inside course of study is generally believed that a proposal with self-interest, near east all against competitors.

horizon research, chairman of the @ : yuan yue asked a lot of Chinese people’s political consultative conference of National People’s Congress NPC representatives put forward directly related to their business sector interest bill, particularly favorable bill, it should be very careful, such bill need to withstand public apology, otherwise easy to have too much with private generation and claims.

well-known electrical business people @ old banyan, agreed to the right. Is he after the electricity is not going to financing?

marketing consulting co., LTD., chairman of China and China HuaSha @ HuaSha 2009: this is “reactionary”. Zhang the boss can’t do this cheating ah, dare to do a good job in their own business, not to harm other people!

easy to transport CEO @ eay: so rogue things also dry out? Too bad, isn’t it?

@ hu DCCI: device whose neck? As representatives of the two sessions, li proposal VIE loosening, cancellation, wireless Internet access authentication, ma initiative network, in accordance with the law lei jun proposal to improve the entrepreneurial environment; And selfish thought of the near east is broken posterior, pinch neck Internet rivals: strengthen electric business tax and regulatory VIE. This alone, says us, su ning can’t be open Internet, electricity – innovation – the development of the protagonist, reverse the trend towards “- a public enemy.

well-known investor @ xiao-ping xu: a government deregulation, against the market free competition and the rise of private entrepreneurs, has called on the government to strengthen regulation to strangle counterparts, is really no brain. A hat-trick of generation company and so were eliminated by The Times. Jie sigh and regret. However, another side: the two sessions was always supposed to be the social from all walks of life on behalf of its own interests sound occasions, different groups have different demands, people should be encouraged to voice, game, no matter the “right”.

tonight, founder of the hotel @ Mars Ren Xin: don’t go to suning shopping

Jin Yan capital @ Kevin_AO: two sessions of shame, rivals by proposals to attack and destroy the fair market environment

@ XiaoMin fabric business vice President: this is a competition for the bottom line? !

China entrepreneur magazine managing editor @ what Ivan: so to play a bit, taishan coping

Network CEO @ bear:

day product animal fight, seems to be a near east of suning development foreground is not optimistic, positive field marginalized only behind that what

Google director of strategic cooperation @ Google Aaron gao jun: is it true? Spell but began to turn to government? It seems to have a meeting’s identity is really important.

move cubic @ by CN: the suning into blacklist

looking for stencil CEO wang @ just wang dong: resolute don’t go shopping in su ning, the rascal, he is not don’t understand, he is a typical political opportunists

it is important to note that VIE issue, baidu, robin li, chairman of clear advice, cancel to cancel the VIE policy restriction. Li suggested to pay for licences, investment, mergers and acquisitions and other aspects, cancel the limitation on the VIE structure enterprise, give completely VIE structure enterprise of national treatment. In sensitive areas, try to the enterprise actual management and control are Chinese natural person to master the VIE enterprises open, or use the old “new way, the old man” principle, different types of the VIE structure.

cloud network hunting today also has won a suning released about the pr release, six proposals in the near east hunting cloud network users can click (download download the reading.