Everyone will die or contraction campus from baidu

last week saw the article suggest everyone to return to the campus, which provides some reference opinions for everyone to return to campus. And, in fact, everyone can do have to do in the campus market, and the effect of the doldrums, so everyone is extending from the campus market to the national market. Helpless when everyone just transition to start, but encountered a weibo, eventually lead to be cruel reality back to the campus market, and is looking at market on the campus is very beautiful, but it is not a market value.

contraction campus everyone will die

why everybody xiaonei to change name, because everybody already foresee the campus market value space is limited, and the name of the school is too limited, so the first step in the transformation is renamed renren. All the bitterness of experience everyone has largely aware here do not repeat, or tell me something about the campus market why limited value.

all active users in the majority with college students and senior high school students, most of them make renren leisure entertainment to share the fun of social network, there are very few users of choose and employ persons is to learn, very not easy out of be agitated of learning life, learn to everyone? Everyone is to relax, for the sake of entertainment. Feel free to ask a few users, everyone on his all for the sake of what? The answer is definitely not for the sake of learning. So everyone do the relevant training to basic no market, no more valuable. Besides, school training market in the fierce competition is a world war ii, everyone wants to come from the network in this field, the lack of fundamental appeal.

campus life market is not everyone said into can go in. Everyone would have in the campus market efforts, many people in the community of the school, students were public home page, and the effect is not ideal (or not can find their own several campus home page to see), the ethos of campus student groups condemned these account not active. First-year freshman may also crazy about society, students, after a semester, rarely would anyone involved in these things.

in addition, the school’s take-away market competition is fierce, shops around the students are doing business, and now the student houses, so most restaurants have delivery services, have to buy a meal a phone, and everyone is booking? And a lot of school freshman is not bring network, don’t let a computer, has been eating habit in freshman year, won’t because everyone has take-away will change.

the so-called the ticket market is intense, the school of this kind of commercial service regulation is very strict, can obtain the school acquiescence of commercial behavior is basically have relations, and schools around the cinema will not too much, there will be a talk about some related company agent and school cooperation, here the interest relationship is complex, everybody to enter the ultimate Lionel, how many people stare at this in the market? In addition, there are group provides a very rich movie tickets can choose, all not line, so everyone introduced is an independent group glutinous rice network, rather than on everyone add a service to buy the ticket.

campus recruitment of what is floating clouds, and tencent network of friends everyone has done, basically half dead. First of all, the graduates have a lot of choices, go abroad, one’s deceased father grind, civil servants this tap, a large number of the remaining job, there are arranged in the home, a home again, and recommended by the school, and local education institutions will have held more than university graduates (casc), also the weakest zhaopin, the professional network such as 51 job recruitment website, everyone can do what market?

the school campus BBS has decreased in popularity, few will have students ran to the school now BBS or worn, please leave a message or something, weibo, WeChat, basically everyone, QQ of what social tools chat, tianya, mop, D, watercress around pretty good, the girl most of the time spent watching TV, all kinds of TV drama, Korean dramas, domestic dramas and variety shows, the boy’s time to play games, dota, warcraft, CF, LOL, etc., from time to time in the bedroom, still can spread the shouts of “double kill”. Play tired may also go out for a bit of a ball movement, makes friends widely often go out together a meal, who also on what the campus BBS BBS?

for everyone, the campus market really have to dig out more value, not to return to campus, everyone can also be difficult to maintain, if declared to return to campus, that everyone has a little imagination.

or from baidu

have long wanted to suggest that everyone from baidu, especially when the baidu investment glutinous rice network, also hoped that everybody baidu collected, by the way, help people in distress. Everyone is now worth less than $1.5 billion, baidu acquisition is big 91 paid $91 m, plus a takeover premium, $2 billion for everyone for baidu is not difficult, but after baidu also have to look to buy everyone what to do.

when just wanted to write this article news from baidu to overall acquisition of everyone, well, it seems to have been the baidu. Earlier after baidu investment glutinous rice, actually about the iQIYI is going to buy 56 network news, this is everybody with baidu signs of closer. Originally glutinous rice and 56 is all based on the social network to do deals and video layout, baidu is going to put the two piece of business acquisitions going, that everyone left with? With all social network matrix and some profitable all games, but the lack of the glutinous rice and 56, renren has basically lost imagination, so for everyone, since the glutinous rice to the baidu, and intentional also would sell 56, it just a piece of the door down to baidu more really.

in joint sohu, tencent, sina joint ali, netease joint under the background of telecom, everyone not only strength is more and more weak, no giant rely on and let it in the next competition behind the lack of strong power. For baidu, social fields has been short legs, under the background of the social market monopoly in the tencent, ali has positive competition, investment sina weibo, devoted to stranger, promoting friendly intercourse. Compared with baidu as a little, can quickly make up for the acquirer human social short legs, the combination of social map + + O2O imagination more market.

all difficult continue also does not have the too big significance, especially in the mobile Internet era, everyone is not a flowering of product. Baidu can give everyone is not only adequate financial support, technical support, and strong support of the mobile channel distribution. Not only that, with more traffic and advertisers, baidu baidu support everyone can more easily to complete the transition from campus to the entire social networking market.

a deliberately, a determination to sell, then simply together. Seemingly everyone game don’t want to sell? But the value of all games left all what? Baidu to is little affairs don’t care everyone game, to game developers you just need a lot of waiting in line. Everyone is what mean? Want to sell the social business stripping to baidu, then through baidu’s game money? Didn’t how to do so, unless the game everyone want to be game developers can also thoroughly transform.

cannot say the combination of baidu and everyone will break out, but somehow has the outbreak of the imagination, a separate baidu in the social market, short legs, a separate everybody has lost its market competitiveness, the combination of the two may have 1 + 1 & gt; The effect of the two. But it is not know baidu buy-out all the news is true or not, only to wait for further news.

article/Wang Liyang

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