Everyone to play a roller coaster? More than expected in the first quarter, second quarter news came

(editor: qing nan)

after the market closed on August 14, just released the second quarter financial results of renren, early last night revealed performance data without audit content a has raised the capital markets, everyone shares in the U.S. stocks pre-market trading down 8%.

let’s look at everyone is part of the company expected the point:

1, everyone in the second quarter revenues will be between $49 million to $50 million. The number is lower than previously expected $55 million to $57 million.

2, the second quarter operating loss was estimated at between $29 million to $30 million.

3, a net loss of between $4 million and $5 million.

because everyone company will be closed on August 14, after the second quarter, given the current in the second quarter financial report is not yet complete, disclose the possible adjustment of a part of the performance in advance.

after the seemingly good earnings data obtained in the first quarter of the capital market, also is beyond the market expectations. But the second-quarter figures began to turn Yin” : expected revenue was more than $46.6 million in the first quarter rose, but operating losses and a net loss of data in the amplification: the second quarter preliminary data between a deficit of $29 million to $30 million to over $27.5 million in the first quarter; A net loss of $400 – $5 million is higher than in the first quarter of 3.1 million dollars.

Understand the capital operation

Chen, maybe clear results bring chain reaction, therefore, in advance, advance to the capital markets reveal performance is lower than previously expected, lay a shot.

in the notes, Chen will be the main reason for the expected income is lower than expected due to delayed the new game release plan. In the big push into the android market before, need making, the key to ensure the quality of the new game and the comprehensive marketing strategy after entering the market.

cloud network hunting the previous data, found at the end of the earnings in the first quarter earnings conference call, everyone CFO huang has referred to as the company focus on android game launch plans delayed than expected. That is to say, had already expected the business will affect the overall revenue, why everyone set high in the second quarter revenue data? From another explanation, is everyone in the original lack of progress on other business income.

well, in the first quarter, Chen, through the “investment” Vipshop received $15 million in revenue, it also makes the company within the quarter loss narrowed sharply. But in the second quarter, everyone can through what way to create new revenue? Let’s official results in the second quarter of static order of merit.

in overall, growing recovery in almost all companies are still very “alternative”, compared to last year’s closing price of $4.18 on July 20, all the latest closed at $3.13, is still low gradually. In 2011, with China’s Facebook aura of all, on the first day at hk $18.01 share price compared to now everyone’s share price has fallen more than 80%. Despite two executive stock repurchase plan, but the effect not beautiful.