Everyone to be businessman promotion fee in arrears for more than two years

hunting cloud network received the sole fact, fact at renren merchant promotion fees in arrears for more than two years don’t pay, businesses and all the official communication for many times, even twice to Beijing headquarters, begging for nothing.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, renren and businesses, which was signed in April 2011, the advertising contract, namely swim “grave notes” on page promotion plan, and in 2011, on April 21, began to drop, terminated on May 31, 2011, a total of 110000 of the contract, the contract that paid three times, first paid $10000 in advertising before, but after payment has been in place. Merchants using QQ and telephone communication arrears for many times, everyone with all sorts of reason to default.

after the dealer contact USES renren not relevant staff, machine, and mobile phone went unanswered. Helpless, merchants came to beg for renren headquarters twice, reply from certain payment, after but still to “walk the process as” refused to pay.

here are renren and merchants to sign contracts, as well as the default cost many times chats.

agreed on how to launch

contract first page

contract the second page

50000 invoices drawn merchants to renren

merchants to renren to 50000 payment

according to people familiar with the “everyone is not in accordance with the contract performance of the business, its deliberate default behavior, has been the last straw, seriously affected the people’s normal business activities. Know your hunting cloud network is the preferred media industry report, so I hope with the help of your platform, awaken the industry for commercial default.”

cloud network connection hunting all official, all said a staff member is not clear about the matter, later will have a description.

update: the following are the direction of renren officer from the cloud network shows that the transcript.

the query, the unit in May 2011 – June to cooperate with us, is a WangMeng. Due to delivery using CPM, the practice was conducted after the advance payment, payment settlement before writing, both sides need to both sides confirmed clicks within the prescribed time. But the cooperation because the two sides of monitoring the clicks, causing both sides knot paragraph number, resulting in the differences.

around the end of 2011 and April 2012, the two sides two communications, but only provides the QQ chat logs screenshots and contract text, but has been unable to provide confirmation or email account check file, cause we are unable to confirm the necessary advertising effect, also cannot enter financial process (we noticed that the other party to provide the QQ chat logs and usually chat record format is different, after the talks the two sides not to QQ number, so can’t confirm whether our staff to give each other digital identification and commitment. In addition, as is known to all such records cannot process) as a financial documents.

when focus on business in July 2012, we communicate with each other again, the account reconciliation for each other is still unable to provide necessary documents or email, to be carried out in accordance with the financial process payment. We are told they must provide the relevant data, file, enter the payment process after confirmed by the both parties.

at present, we are told they must provide the relevant data again, mail and file, enter the payment process after confirmed by the both parties.