Everybody has to make mobile phones! Cui jian “blue bones” feature phones


4 on and day, today, the singer cui jian “blue bones” feature phones, price 3988 element, the phone will be in the amazon mall.

cui jian blue bone customized cell phone by the valley digital company responsible for building, phones Android 4.0 system 4.7 , 2500 mah battery, carrying 800 all cameras, these are the current Android phone.

, said an official with the

the valley launched by mobile phones is not to sell, but to promote the works of cui jian. The part of individual customization, cui jian elements in the design, not only on the application of built-in cui jian App , such as cui jian music, cui jian albums and cui jian video. One community use “space” here by K song’s custom, in addition to push the information related to cui jian, can also convenient free point cui jian sing all songs.

cui jian believes that to release a customised mobile phone, he is also thinking of how to realize the continuous interaction with users, from personally, is not very hurry to launch the mobile phone, also want to wait for a moment. However, the push of the valley company, he chooses to cooperate.

Last year,

12 month, first emerged in concert cui jian “blue bones” launch blue bone personal theme customization phone messages, at that time, he said, “blue bones” series not only in music, will be launched to “blue bone” as a creative, customized mobile phones.

source: tencent technology