Every guest financing did not arrive Lei jun or flange every guest

hunting cloud network learned from a number of different independent sources that that the latest round of money did not arrive. Every guest capital chain has to a very dangerous moment, a senior personage points out, lei jun flange that possibility is very large.

yesterday, weibo news from claims that a large number of online suppliers. In fact, every customer default payment for goods is not a recent supplier, “default payment for goods already is not a secret.” An unpaid close to more than 1 million suppliers to hunt said cloud network. “Long-term default bulk supplier money, try a variety of reasons to elaborate, to our hearts.”

and hunting cloud network exclusive news, today will have multiple vendors to everyone who came by debt collection. And from that, according to the news from the inside, as every guest angel investor lei jun very possibly to soothe suppliers in person today. “Lei jun to come, explain that defaults have aged credit bankruptcy.” Senior personage points out, LeiJunLai tidy up every guest “mess” indicates that, as he has a mundane guest investors, in that the present situation of the financing is not yet in place, the most likely flange.

“aged and lei jun is a good gay friend, from amazon start together, lei jun investment that old repeatedly praise lei jun to help not messed up, after the end of this time, among the list’s LeiJunChao possibility is very large.” The person said.

with the capital chain tension, in addition to the vendor payment in arrears, and layoffs. People familiar with the matter told the hunting cloud network, every guest recently began a wave of layoffs. Internal is officially a mundane guest for V +, sale, joint three divisions adjustment, adjust the investment each department department in the process of a large number of let-go. Details are notably, although every guest and downsized workers compensation agreement signed a formal job cuts, but downsized workers have yet to get compensation.

hunting cloud network will continue to track progress report events.