Eventually lost to PPS: once the user do hundreds of millions of size and income

the author: Paul liu

HongYu in 2005 to create PPS. TV, is definitely a sight. In 2005, xiao-long zhang took his Foxmail just report to tencent; Baidu has just listed, shares hit $151. In the United States a guys whole BrihtCove, want to make video to develop in the direction of the media, who can have their own YouTube.

in that year, many heroes, dream big.

in recent years, rapid development, online video and the Internet video several entrance is set. One is hardware terminal; One is the best soil as web portal; Another is PPS and PPTV such client. PPS can stand out in many video client, all the way to do hundreds of millions of users and income on the product, market and content, has its own hard goods. At that time the PPS is the youth young everything red.

but since 2012, and great changes have taken place in video market. Optimal soil consolidation, tencent came in again, plus the sohu hd, iQIYI several bosses, the river lake water deeper. At the same time, the risk cost and copyright piracy deteriorated sharply, gathered by pirated content client eyeball PPS stressed out. Tencent the PPS as main object after him thump, let the PPS was not backer is a very painful thing.

2012 PPS although advertising revenue was 203 million yuan, but the composition of advertising revenue is too problematic, two-thirds of the game. This decision PPS seize the eye is the most unstable a group of young people. They in this look at you today, tomorrow may never come back. But, the real terrible is, when the video playback volume rapidly to mobile terminals, PPS has yet to show himself in the mobile Internet’s potential. We also have the necessary download PPS do cell phone video entry?

as a buyer of baidu, shares fell to $84, baidu need to have a team specializing in mobile Internet, for baidu to win more entry.

when the buyer up four fingers, as sellers of PPS President Vincent xue was silent, retaliate that optimal soil consolidation failed last year, has lost the best video industry consolidation period, sold this year. Sold, entrepreneurial teams premium profits, but companies no longer able to grow, the original business model cannot continue. The next five years PPS must set out to look for a new growing point, or disappear forever in the employer’s warehouse.

there will be two trends after 2013, on the one hand, mobile terminal of various video applications will be more and more active. PPS are not necessarily in the tide of mobile Internet video application again. Form but there must be a batch of new technology, new “do you have me to” mobile Internet business model, new product experience and download the torrent. PPS type of client is no longer a users must install applications, but more TV theme club, the second screen, video will emerge. Products more emphasis on social interaction, more emphasis on population subdivision, more emphasis on user participation in depth. New products must have been some big companies can’t do something, tencent, optimal soil and playing particularly well, particularly attractive, particularly explosive.

on the other hand, the rise of OTT Renaissance family entertainment center – sitting room again. Internet video form will be in more than 60 inches large screen. Video is becoming increasingly clear that choose to pay more and more, and model is more and more clear. Forget once off and on, vague and is full of Mosaic of PPS. New giant will emerge on the wall in the sitting room, or on the phone, or glasses, or any eyes can get burnt. Maybe the BrightCove dream step by step in close, more developers to take advantage of the open source video technology and public cloud platform to practice their own products and business models, in the smartphone to super level TV screen.

back in time back to 2005, the year in murdoch’s luxury ladder, FACEBOOK CEO mark became a party. The end of the long table is murdoch and mark push a cup to change, intimate talk. The other side of the counter is merger and acquisition of MYSPACE CEO murdoch 2 years ago, be agitated, bowed their heads and asked the brain. Mark recalls, that guy’s eyes filled with envy and anger. Has the date for the owner, and classmates young brave stand tide, how different opine. PPS, from 2005 to today, should raise a glass for you, to commemorate the lost youth.

source: sohu it